Celtic Zodiac Calculator

Published Date 3/21/2017
Category: Horoscopes

Delve into the ancient mysteries of the Celtic Zodiac

The ancient Celts are known for their close ties to nature and its wisdom. Understanding Celtic symbols and their meanings can help you tap into this wisdom and apply it to your own life. So too can Celtic astrology open a window to the mysteries of the natural world. Our exclusive Celtic Zodiac Calculator provides a spiritual blueprint to apply the luck of the Irish, or should we say Druids and Celts, to your modern life.

What’s your Lucky Sign?

Using the Celtic zodiac, and a little bit of Celtic luck, our calculator will compute your astrological sign along with your Celtic tree sign, Celtic animal sign and Celtic good luck symbol. In addition to providing some unique insight into your personality, these signs and symbols are natural totems to take special notice of in your daily life. For example, if you discover that your Celtic animal zodiac is a wren, take special notice of the birds you see and hear this spring, and look for feathers, nests or visits from a wren. Getting to know the wren as your totem animal, you can invoke her in meditation, and ask her to share her wisdom with you. Or, if you identify the powerful Oak as your Celtic zodiac tree, make a point to spend some time in its presence, get to know its colors, leaves and bark as you meditate on its special meaning. And remember to pick up a few acorns for good luck!

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