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Featured Review Lightkeeper 4/18/2021 stars Phone Reading

I truly enjoyed my reading with Zachary. He has great energy and gets to the point. I will not know if long term possibilities we discussed come true, until those time frames. If they do, I will be back to say that they did! For now, just know he is very gifted and from what he told me, he seemed very spot on in his description of my POI and good friend. His insights helped me to cope with the void in not having those relationships at the present. You will not be disappointed! Wise and compassionate.

amye6172 9/12/2021 stars Chat Reading

Every. Single. Thing. In the last reading happened. I’m talking a week ago. And the. Previous one as well.

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amye6172 9/5/2021 stars Chat Reading

Been over a month- and everything he predicted happened this last week. Be patient with timing- he is 100% on point in his readings.

CheriP 8/3/2021 stars Phone Reading

Very honest and accurate. Highly recommended!

Gifth1 8/3/2021 stars Phone Reading

I love Zachary and his reading style. He tells you what he sees and gives it to you straight and the reading becomes a conversation, not just an interpretation of the cards. I don't know about his accuracy yet since this is my first time calling but some of the things he said is so specific that I was pretty surprise he did pick up on it.

amye6172 7/25/2021 stars Chat Reading

My go too- he has yet to be wrong. No reader is 100% but he is pretty close.

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amye6172 7/20/2021 stars Chat Reading

I came back because all of his predictions happened. Down to what was going on at the time. He is the most intune and the best I have seen at tarot. Picks up thing now one else does. I find myself just going to him at this point if I have questions.

Lost/Found101 7/13/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for your reading I pray that all works out in my favor in the end. It has been a battle and you picked up on the situation pretty well. I will definitely get that garlic and pray that it works. I will be in contact with you soon and wish that we could've talked longer. Be blessed.

amye6172 7/6/2021 stars Chat Reading

Definitely accurate- also has a fun sense of humor- gave me so much needed laughs. His is great with tarot and got things that are complicated and correct. Highly recommend.

Packers18 7/6/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank goodness you're back!! I couldn't wait to tell you all of what you said the last few months came to fruition and now made sense! You were accurate on everything! You are amazing at this! I highly recommend Zachary to anyone!! Awesome person and advisor!