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Featured Review JoAnn74 8/2/2021 stars Chat Reading

Bridgette is very genuine and caring. There is a reason why she is so busy. She is honest and real. She tells it like it is. She knew everything about the POI without very little information. Now it's just waiting.

MINDonFIRE 5/29/2023 stars Chat Reading

This is silly/funny but I told her about my cat, casually in passing during our main conversation, and how he had been constantly sleeping stuck to me lately. Bridgette said he was healing me "with his loving energy." She's been encouraging me to get out of hermit mode and then made a side comment about how my cat also wants me to get on with it. And ever since she said that, my cat has been stuck to me a lot less and started spending more and more time in his other favorite spots like he did before. It's sad but also hilarious because I want my cat to continue cuddling and comforting me all the time. Hahaha! Hope it's a sign that I'm getting stronger. Thanks Bridgette!

Cloudyree 5/23/2023 stars Phone Reading

Bridget is a God Send , as usual I received an accurate reading . She's so empathetic and sweet /kind . I am a customer for life !

travel123 5/23/2023 stars Phone Reading

Incredible as always!

arlettaist23 5/23/2023 stars Phone Reading

I am happy to reach out to you for a reading .Thank you so much Bridgette ,You erased my frustrations,and I am fine now.Many blessings to you .

Lune45 5/11/2023 stars Phone Reading

Bridgette is wise and spot on. Thank you for an insightful reading.

djmitche 5/9/2023 stars Phone Reading

Compassionate and responsive. Information was helpful and resonant. I am very grateful for the time spent with Bridgette and the precise assistance she was able to provide me with during this tough time.

travel123 5/7/2023 stars Phone Reading

Sorry bridgette my line dropped

Aellev5703 5/6/2023 stars Chat Reading

Bridgette was extremely helpful! I’m so appreciative. She was lovely to speak to and answered my questions as well as offered guidance. Time will tell how things go, but thank you! ?

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Mysticsunset22 5/5/2023 stars Phone Reading

this was my first time reading with Bridgette and she was very pleasant to read with. there were some things she got wrong; I have never dated my poi and she picked up that we had. she advised that I should pull away from him, which seems to be in line with the conversation me and POI had today. she says POI really likes me but has to figure things out. she said he "has he told you to give him time" and at the time it was wrong, but our conversation today he said those exact words. she said he's going to come back around and I hope this is true! For the most part I'm pretty impressed. She did say that I'm going to meet someone else which I'm a little weary about because I truly don't meet a lot of people and it's very very rare I meet someone in a romantic way. I will be on the lookout though! thank you for your guidance!