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Psychic Bridgette x8133

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Featured Review JoAnn74 8/2/2021 stars Chat Reading

Bridgette is very genuine and caring. There is a reason why she is so busy. She is honest and real. She tells it like it is. She knew everything about the POI without very little information. Now it's just waiting.

Choochootrain 10/25/2021 stars Phone Reading

Very warm and kind. Gave me some details and names that I didn’t tell her about, and I was impressed.

Hellokityy580 10/25/2021 stars Chat Reading

It’s always a pleasure speaking with Bridgette! No matter how anxious I am or how upset I am she always eases my anxiety and helps to calm me down! I love speaking with her. I hope that her predictions do come to pass! Thank you for always being there for me Bridgette!

Onelove1983 10/23/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thank you so much amazing never lets me down

CaraXB 10/22/2021 stars Phone Reading

Bridgette... I am speechless! She picked up on EVERYTHING with me giving her a vague description of my situation and one question. A few second pause- then BAM! Question answered, and Bridgette took off with so much detail and information. You are truly gifted and I am blessed to have had the chance to connect with you.

Pinkmystique 10/21/2021 stars Phone Reading

You’re amazing and so patient with me. Thank you. I know I call a lot, but you never get frustrated with me.

Mary95 10/19/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much bridgette , you are amazing and thank you for the prayers you offer me .

purdybeck2020 10/16/2021 stars Phone Reading

Bridgette is always so pleasant, I enjoy her readings I am waiting for the outcome!

customer(s) found the following review helpful

Asiaaas 10/16/2021 stars Chat Reading

I wish I can give her more than 5 stars. She immediately connected to me and my man and our situation. I didn’t tell her anything. she asked no questions. She just kept going and going about things that only I knew and nobody else. She gave me a couple of predictions to watch out for and also told me she can sense I’m psychic and another advisor also told me that. I've always had a feeling I was but never really knew but wow!

lesclin 10/13/2021 stars Chat Reading

Accurate and directive.