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CEwithin 10/1/2022 stars Chat Reading

Ran out of time, but honestly Vesper provided not only clarification but gave some of the most authentic and honest advice I have received. I was told things that completely changed my perspective, and Vesper gave detailed explanations and made sure not to skim on the details. Such a sincere reading, I am truly grateful I got the chance to reach out to her.

Vesper replied...

Hi Dear. I am So Glad to Give and Provide the Clarity and Truth and Revelation you need. I am so grateful for your time. And Sending Light and more Awareness to You.

Jlkuri1234 9/21/2022 stars Chat Reading

Vesper is very honest and thorough reading. Thank you very much. She is able to really pick up on the energy around you and gives her readings in great detail.

Vesper replied...

Dear, I am so grateful for your time and energy. I am glad you got the clarity you need. Sending Blessings and Light to you! xxxxo

balletcalvero 9/18/2022 stars Chat Reading

Vesper gave me the exact answer I was dreading. But it was the truth and I thank her for it. She is highly in tune with spirit and a very quick typer.

Vesper replied...

Hi Dear: I am Glad Spirit was able to convey and help you know how to navigate and go on your Path despite all that is revealed. Spirit / Source ONLY wants whats best and For your Highest Good. God / Source will Protect and Nourish you and Nurture you as you make the necessary things to Be the Best for YOU. Sending Light, Blessing, Encouragement your way Dear Xxxxo!

Aubanita0218 9/15/2022 stars Chat Reading

She is fast at typing. Straight forward, she quickly picked up on my POI and shared with me what she saw as well as things for me to look/do. She is very good!!!

Vesper replied...

Hi Dear! Thank you so much for your time and energy. I am so glad to let Spirit Reveal to you all the things you need to feel Empowered and Aware and to set you on your Path. Sending Blessings and Light to you! xxxxo

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Emgrrr 9/11/2022 stars Chat Reading

SPOT ON!!! Tapped right in, saw POI, characteristics, 3rd party situation and gave me the tools to go inward and do the work for ME in order to get the results I want. Wow. Just Wow. Thank you Vesper

Vesper replied...

Thank you so much! I am glad to Be of Deep Truths , Shedding honesty and ability to help you handle your situation with No Judgement xx Blessings.

sdsd299 9/9/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thxx for the read Funds went out

Vesper replied...

Blessings Dear ! XxX

Allen6252 9/7/2022 stars Chat Reading


Vesper replied...

Sending Light and Truth to You! Xx

IvyFour 8/29/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thanks Vesper, I feel like you really connected to my situation. I will keep you updated on this! Thank you

Vesper replied...

Sending so Much Light, Energy, Blessings, and Protection your way Dear. Love and Transcendence Xxo

Minnow 8/19/2022 stars Chat Reading

Kind, insightful helped me look from a new perspective!

Vesper replied...

Loved helping you Dear! Sending all Clarity and Light to You! May God Illuminate all Ways.

Aries MissyDL 7/11/2022 stars Chat Reading

decent reading. unfortunately i ran out of funds. sorry Vesper i didnt know you were able to see eta on time chat. :)