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Angie33 4/11/2022 stars Chat Reading

Great reader and reading. Very accurate reading and was impressed with her. I would recommend her. Will definitely see what happens next. Thank you Vesper and God bless you.

Vesper replied...

Hi Dear! Thank you so much, I am SO Glad and Relieved for you that you get the answers you need and am able to help you in your time of need. I wish you utter and ultimate truth and blessings from here. Best,

Jesh4467 4/5/2022 stars Chat Reading

Very amazing and was certainly accurate. Alot of detailed

Vesper replied...

Hi Dear! I am so glad we can connect and talk honestly on your important issues. I care about what you are dealing with and try my best for my Angels and Guides to give you the most honest and sincere messages as possible. Blessings!

mcarrasco0127 4/1/2022 stars Chat Reading

I love reaching out to Vesper. She has been helping me with an ongoing situation. Many of the things she has said have actually come true. I love that she also focuses on guidance and advise.

Vesper replied...

Hi Michelle! Its been a pleasure always trying to be there and astute for you. You are important and a wonderful client to help. No matter what: I'll always be honest with you and also validate what you are going through at the same time. Blessings!

jujuju149 4/1/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for the nice talk. You are very insightful, able to connect to the situation quickly, and able to explain both. What is happening with me, as well with the other person in a way that truly makes sense.

Vesper replied...

Hi Dear , I am so glad to be of utmost service, help, guidance, and insight for you. Your call and experience is very important to me and I try my best to be as descriptive and very in tune with Spirit to always help you. Blessings.

mcarrasco0127 3/18/2022 stars Chat Reading

I have had about three readings with Vesper and she is so knowledgeable. I love her direct approach, she will say things as they are. When I want a reading she’s the only person that comes to mind!

Vesper replied...

Thank you So Much! Its been a Pleasure to Serve you and Get as Much Detail for your Monie's worth. Yes. I will always try my best to channel, tune in, and give you Honest Truth backed by God's love so you don't ever feel blindsided, worried, or unprepared, and assured in your own life. I am glad you understand my Honesty is meant to Care and Protect and Help those who can't see. Blessings X

lovelyeve 3/9/2022 stars Chat Reading

Vesper is awesome. We chatted online and I didnt have to wait long for her to answer me back. She was correct in what she shared with me. Truly gifted and a blessing.

Vesper replied...

Hi Eve! Thank you so much ! I am so grateful and humbled for your time with me. I am so glad to help. Blessings.

win1804 3/4/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for your deep insight! I truly appreciate you sophisticated energy! I'll be back.

Vesper replied...

Hi ! I Love and Enjoy Reading for my repeat clients and customers. Each time, is always set with the intention of fresh insight, knowledge, unwavering truth, and clarity in the moment. As things shift and change throughout the next time I read for you, I am always making sure I am "up to date", accurate, and clear when reading for you- again and again- as if it's the first time.

win1804 1/23/2022 stars Chat Reading

Finally, a real good reading! Vesper truly does dive deep and she doesn't give generic responses. Thank you for all that insight and much peace and blessings to you. Thank you. Vesper is a true professional. She can speak to anyone about anything.

win1804 1/23/2022 stars Phone Reading

OMG! Vesper is a certified legitimate reader. She was so detailed. I didn't even give her all the details and she gave me such in-depth accurate information. She is a very good psychic.

Jpac9294 1/6/2022 stars Phone Reading

It was like conversing with a friend for real and I appreciated that to the fullest