Psychic Therese x7215

Psychic Therese x7215

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Featured Review Waterfall 2/26/2022 stars Chat Reading

Therese is just the best. When you talk to her even on chat it’s like you have just known her for years like a very close friend. She has always gone above and beyond no matter how much time you give and genuinely cares for you as a client regardless of what time you give her. Her accuracy is off the charts and like I have said always she has been my guardian angel. Therese I never have enough time to thank you. You are such a sweet and pure soul. Thank you for everything you do and I wish you so many blessings and all the happiness. Stay well and hugs to you.

Chrissbb 5/26/2022 stars Chat Reading

Hi, Therese, u win my confidence!!! Great job!!!

Chrissbb 5/24/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thank u again!!! Very appreciate!!!sorry about cut off. I feel u are Being very professional and honest on my reading!!!

Chrissbb 5/22/2022 stars Phone Reading

I am glad speak with her, very consistent and professional on my reading!!!

AJD927 5/22/2022 stars Chat Reading

Therese, you were right — I heard from him today and we had a long chat … about work. LOL, I guess that’s a start. Thank you for being available in the middle of the night when I am too sad or stressed out to sleep. I will keep you posted. :)

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brainchildd 5/21/2022 stars Chat Reading

Therese said that I would be Guardian but it will that a few trys. I didn't understand that until today. Normally, in all of my court hearings, the judge will issue a decision right then. Today, the judge said he will take things under consideration and issue a decision later. Im super scared. I just want to take care of mom. I just want to do the right thing.

Chrissbb 5/20/2022 stars Chat Reading

I hope everything is coming true!!! Thank you for the reading.

Mary95 5/20/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thank you so much Therese, thank you for the follow up message it means at lot to me , I really appreciate all you do for me. God bless you.

Nishitha22 5/20/2022 stars Chat Reading

You are my hope in my dark days ! Thank you for being there Therese .

Dinkydo94 5/19/2022 stars Phone Reading

Loved this sweet encouraging lady! Has great insight to your situation and encourages you to not give up. Thank you so much