Psychic Sylvia x4706

Psychic Sylvia x4706

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Featured Review kshanna91 8/3/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sylvia sorry we ran out of time but you were very accurate and picked up on what has been happening. Thanks.

wendy2000 3/19/2022 stars Phone Reading


jedfa06 3/10/2022 stars Phone Reading

Sylvia is amazing, I've spoken to her a handful of times since august 21, and she has seen the situation 100% correct, and saw what I had to do to attract him back, it worked, and her prediction about contact has come true. Still a way to go, but all is right so far. Sylvia is the real deal for sure! And a compassionate person plus she does not waste your time. She is quick and answers all your quetions. My favorite

Jnz1417 2/9/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Sylvia. You always bring a calmness to the Storm. Greatly appreciate you.

Some1Somewhere 2/8/2022 stars Phone Reading

Great energy but used too much of my time explaining, justifying, focused on herself instead of answering my specific questions

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ItsmeT 1/21/2022 stars Phone Reading

I was not as satisfied with this reading the way I would have liked to been. Sylvia danced around a lot of my questions with talk. I had to cut her off 2x to get a clear answer and I still received “it’s possible”. Not saying she was wrong I would of liked more concrete answers and responses.

Caitb820 1/20/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much for our call, Sylvia! You hit the nail on the head when you said only certain things resonate with me, because I have an intuition about the situation myself. But everything you said resonated 100%. I really trust your words and guidance, and I’m feeling so much better and more secure with what the future holds. I look forward to talking again and giving you updates! All my love!

travel123 1/8/2022 stars Phone Reading

Phenomenal once again. Very psychic with your details. So awesome!!! Worth you time.

travel123 1/8/2022 stars Phone Reading

Phenomenal!! Super fast and accurate!!!

Aqsoul 1/5/2022 stars Phone Reading

Sylvia is so magnetic and pure! I can’t explain how I felt when my son left me unexpected to live with his grandparents in another state. I felt betrayed and horrible. It’s been six months since I've seen him. He came to visit and left today. Everything she told me about being proud of him with growth and maturity was correct. It was as vibrant and accurate as Sylvia explained to me. Thank you for your words of encouragement positivity. It did take six months of patience. Now I’m waiting to see how accurate this situation is with my husband. She is my Favorite!