Psychic Ryan x3425

Psychic Ryan x3425

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Featured Review Caroline1951 6/10/2020 stars Chat Reading

Wonderful reading with Ryan. always a pleasure to speak to him. He is very sweet and accommodating.

Caroline1951 6/9/2020 stars Chat Reading

very sweet; very compassionate. Check him out

Kr5678 3/14/2020 stars Chat Reading

One thing in particular he said stood out to me as resonating and other details seemed to fit. The only thing that wasn’t accurate was him saying my poi didn’t have any interest in anyone else.

Nlonorato 3/14/2020 stars Chat Reading


Jacqui29 3/14/2020 stars Chat Reading

Said my POI was going to Alaska... He didn’t go. Prediction was WRONG!

travel123 3/6/2020 stars Chat Reading


ShiningStar0302 3/5/2020 stars Chat Reading

I was upset as a company I had gone to for an interview were delaying with their response on whether I got the job. I reached out to Ryan not expecting much. He told me they were still going through the interview process and I will hear from them positively next week. The next day the recruitment agency told me the exact same thing about the reason for the delay! I hope Ryan’s other predictions come true. Thank you.

sparkly1 2/27/2020 stars Chat Reading

Ryan is amazing! Another prediction has come true.

Silverplatter 2/23/2020 stars Chat Reading

What the other testimonials about Ryan are right.. Ryan is uplifting, and makes my mood better. I hope his prediction is accurate since what he picked up seems accurate for present. I like Ryan.

sparkly1 2/23/2020 stars Chat Reading

Ryan's prediction came true for me the very next day! He's great!