Psychic Roxanne x3051

Psychic Roxanne x3051

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Featured Review Sundance 8/20/2020 stars Phone Reading

Roxanne’s gift is beyond one’s understanding. She is both, accurate and very detailed; reads minds and sees the future, with details. You will not find anyone else better.

Mary95 9/22/2020 stars Phone Reading

Roxanne u r amazing thank u sooo so much for being patient with me and share your gift with me and all the others I trust u just need to hear from u again and again things are going to be okey , I really appreciate your guidance , thank u

Redwine 9/20/2020 stars Chat Reading

She is so sweet and patient. I keep coming back to her because of her being so genuine. She is positive but I don’t think she tells you what you want to hear. She is still predicting everything turns out in my favor but only time will tell if it is meant to be as she predicts. I will find out before end of next month if it all turns out the way she said maybe before. Either way I don’t regret talking to her all all. She is just a beautiful person to speak and chat with. Thank you for all you do Roxanne.

Srobwr 9/17/2020 stars Phone Reading

Mind blowing!!!She is very gifted an just amazing,very detailed an helped clear my mind of all my concerns she's worth every dollar thank you sooooooo much for this very detailed reading

borntreger1 9/17/2020 stars Phone Reading

Sometimes I just call Roxanne for conversation. I don't always have questions. I like to let her know how accurate she has been and to THANK her.

Insidelove 9/17/2020 stars Phone Reading

Very good

Madzaurs 9/15/2020 stars Chat Reading

I didn’t get time to thank her, but Roxanne, you are fantastic. An absolute gift! She has been 100% accurate the multiple times I’ve talked to her and really can tap into the soul of people. She also is so kind and really lifts you up !!!

KHHB16 9/14/2020 stars Phone Reading

Roxanne was Amazing as usual. Waiting now and I will definitely be talking to you again.

Sori08 9/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

She is always so amazing, I am so grateful I found her. I had years wasting money on other people, but since I found her, it’s been great ,clear,calming. It’s a beautiful gift she has. Able to tell you everything without wasting time and very clear and honest. I am hopeful and optimistic about all the beautiful blessings she sees for me. Thank you for helping me on this journey of life.Eternally grateful.

Spiritual 9/9/2020 stars Phone Reading

Roxanne has always given me very accurate and detailed advice. She gives information with the utmost best intention and encouragement. She has helped me enormously! I will always be grateful to her!