Psychic Roxanne x3051

Psychic Roxanne x3051

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Featured Review Sundance 6/3/2020 stars Phone Reading

Roxanne is unbelievable in her predictions. She’s so accurate to the smallest details. She is truly gifted and one of a kind.

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Purelove 7/8/2020 stars Chat Reading

Roxanne did it once again. She saw my poi getting in touch with me today well he did and I'm so glad. She also predicted its not gonna be an easy journey until eveything is smoothed over so just have to be patient. Roxanne can truly see the situation well and tell you exactly what poi is thinking and going to do. I believe her 100%

nileshbh 7/6/2020 stars Phone Reading

She is phenomenal!!

Insidelove 7/2/2020 stars Phone Reading

Such a great reader right on thank you

Blue03 7/1/2020 stars Phone Reading

Roxanne was absolutely amazing! She picked up on everything I have been feeling.she described my PIO behavior to detail. I’m excited and waiting for things to evolve. The u so much! Can’t wait to talk to you again.

Mary95 6/30/2020 stars Phone Reading

I love This woman ,I'm sure everything she told me is going to happen.

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Peach24 6/29/2020 stars Phone Reading

She’s an amazing advisor and knows the thoughts and words the person is actually going to say and actions they take. She has been correct with many of her predictions and has guided me in the right direction.

Arizonaflower 6/29/2020 stars Phone Reading

She is amazing! I left the reading with a peace of mind and so much clarity. I will definitely call her again!

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Purelove 6/26/2020 stars Chat Reading

Roxanne gives precise reading. She gives information in details so you understand what's going on. She doesnt waste time and answers all your questions. She would never ask you questions to get information. Its shocking how well she picks up on energies. Also, her predictions happen..she would tell me stuff and it wud unfold exactly how she sees it. It happened twice already, I didnt even see them coming and it happens. I need to start take these seriously becsue at first I didnt understand her but when it happened I was blown away. That's why I believe whatever she predicts happens, doesnt matter the timing becaye that can change but the outcome happens. You have to keep freewill in mind. I will forever come to Roxanne to get detailed information about POI, what they are thinking, feeling, their past, present and future. It truly calms me down after speaking to Roxanne. It makes more sense to me and I get clearer picture of the whole situation. That's what we pay for and that's what I would like to recieve. Roxanne delivers just that :) much love!! One of my only few fav advisers.

Mary95 6/25/2020 stars Phone Reading

I love Roxanne ,I feel so much better after I speak with her , everything she's been telling me is starting to happen , thank u sooo much .