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Psychic Ricky x8106

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Featured Review Inquisiti 1/16/2020 stars Phone Reading

Ricky has become one of my favorite top advisors for my difficult situation. I am picky who I speak to and he has gained my trust as he has provided me with so much detail to help me navigate through my journey. I have no doubt he is connected to me. Just hearing his voice and I feel so much better. It amazes me how he will say the name of places he would have no idea of and how he describes people. He even knew how many pictures and how old they were that I had seen regarding my situation and what was in them. He has provided so much clarity and insight into my situation. He has helped get me out of my head and will tell me the truth. I so appreciate that. Thank you so much! I am so grateful I found you!!

Ragnar5 1/23/2020 stars Phone Reading

Wow Ricky. Great reading. I love your sister and now you also.He was right on with everything and confirm what others have said.

Bobman72 1/18/2020 stars Phone Reading

With just a name, Ricky will start telling you about your POI or situation. He KNOWS things!! Always amazes me how well he describes the person I'm calling for and the situation - sometimes picking right up from where we left off over a month ago in a matter of a minute. Incredibly nice, detailed and confident. Easily one of the top choices on Psychic Source.

nileshbh 1/16/2020 stars Phone Reading

He is really great!! He is very accurate. It's pleasure to have reading with him. Will call him for sure!!!

Dinkydo94 1/10/2020 stars Phone Reading

This was my first reading with Ricky and WOW was I ever impressed. Ricky immediately offered an apology for the wait to speak with him, but it was worth every minute of waiting time. Very informative and offered new details that I was unaware of. Definitely will book another reading soon. Thanks so much Ricky!!

newreadernew 12/29/2019 stars Phone Reading

I had the pleasure of reading with Ricky and boy am I blessed. I am a new client and today’s reading was amazing. All I said was a name and he knew detail down to the job , location, age. He is a sweetheart and his delivery is compassionate. I understand why he has so many people in his que waiting for him. He’s really good with time lines. I wish I had more time I could talk to you for hours. Thank you for being so nice and accommodating. You are an angel! God bless you.

Anonymous1916 12/29/2019 stars Phone Reading

Didn't get to say thank you. always love your readings

Inquisiti 12/26/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Ricky for helping me on this challenging journey. Ricky is so kind and genuine. I love how he explains things and makes me laugh when things are not the best. He is gentle with his approach and truly cares about his clients and their well being. He has been consistent and accurate in my situation that there would be more heartache but he does see it getting better. He amazes me with details he sees. I really appreciate that he tells you the truth no matter how hard it is to hear. He also is helping me become stronger and for me to really think about what I want and what is best for me and my journey. I am so grateful for our talks. I look forward to talking to you soon. Thank you so very much!! I truly appreciate you and your gifts.

nileshbh 12/21/2019 stars Phone Reading

Waited long to talk with him. Its more than worth. He is very accurate. He is very calm while talking. Really great person!! Make me feel lighter. Call him and you will not be disappointed for sure.

DPJ624 12/21/2019 stars Phone Reading

Ricky... He’s a Psychicsourse super star for a reaon.