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Psychic Ricky x8106

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Featured Review ElleDub 3/13/2020 stars Phone Reading

Pretty sure anyone reading this has already heard about how shockingly accurate Ricky is - and that has been my experience as well. Just had my 2nd reading, and while I can't speak for today's predictions (though the one's he previously made were dead on despite being nearly meaningless at the time) I can say that what he said resonated in a major way. What you may not know is how very delightful Ricky is to talk with You might expect someone so gifted and in-demand to be standoffish or impatient but that's far from the case! Chatting with him just turned my whole mood around tonight - it was if my pup and I were just hanging with him and his pup chatting it up over some shortbread cookies :) Trust me - he's worth the dollars and the wait!

Ragnar5 3/22/2020 stars Phone Reading

His predictions some already came true. He is amazing. One of the best here

Inquisiti 3/15/2020 stars Phone Reading

I truly am blessed to have found Ricky. He has been helping me navigate a tough situation that has had many twists and turns. I appreciate his guidance and support. His kindness through all this speaks volumes that I know I can reach out to him and he won't judge but instead provide me with valuable insight and support to help me get to the outcome. His advice and how he gets me means so much. He has taken the time to really get to know me and my situation. He has called it every step of the way. He provided key details that really opened up things to now see what has really been going on. I would have never known if it wasn't for Ricky. Ricky is truly gifted. He means the world to me. Thank you so much. Words cannot express how blessed I am to have your friendship and support through all this.

Dinkydo94 3/14/2020 stars Phone Reading

As always, a very enlightening reading. Always learn more about my situation. Thanks Ricky!!

Dinkydo94 3/14/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for another great reading. Always feel better after our talks!! Thanks Ricky!!

Kr5678 3/14/2020 stars Phone Reading

Ricky has a very unique way of reading... 1 year1/2 ago, re a past love, he predicted how it would unfold in a years time..diff things he said didn’t make sense until that yr passed and then I realized everything he predicted happened exactly as he said. For this reading he made some statements that don’t make sense to me now but maybe later they will. Some of what he said seemed accurate ... we will see.

Ms.lmartinez2000 3/8/2020 stars Phone Reading

I gave him five stars cause he was quick to pick up on poi and was very detailed my reading was amazing and can’t wait for prediction to come to pass which I know it will !! Thanks Ricky for the reading appreciate it so much you rock - xoxoxo

Lookupon 3/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you kindly for confirming my wonderful gift from spirit...I am so excited ....thank you again for your honest approach and gifts

BrGi03 3/1/2020 stars Phone Reading

Absolutely amazing!! Ricky has given me exact names, both of relatives past and present with descriptions. He has always given me relevant information to my situation that could not have been guessed. If I could talk to him everyday, I would. He is my absolute favorite and I am very meticulous when researching with whom to read with. He is also incredibly kind and cares about those he reads for and will always be truthful even if it’s not the best news. Thank you Ricky for sharing your gift!

Dinkydo94 3/1/2020 stars Phone Reading

Excellent reading!! You’re the man Ricky!! Thanks so much!!!