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Psychic Nisa x4865

Psychic Nisa x4865

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Psychic Nisa Ratings & Reviews

145 reviews since Mar 2022

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Featured Review Chog8577 11/4/2023 stars Phone Reading

Her dates are always on point. The accuracy is mind blowing.

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Sebring24 4/12/2024 stars Phone Reading

Nisa is really good ! It’s like talking to a girlfriend but she’s intuitive lol! She has a gift ! So down to earth and she gives you so much information fast ! Tells you the cards she pulls and the way she describes what was going on is like I had already told her & I only said names ! She said contact tomorrow & it came in 2 days instead of one which is still a win because he had not INITIATED contact in like a month and he did like she said . Even when she said I was like hmmm no way but mind was blown when I saw he sent me something . The 2nd reading with her was just as good and aligned with the first one even with the updated events it was just as on point !

Blessedalways 4/1/2024 stars Phone Reading

Gives answers with little information. Helps to understand what is coming. Accurate and intutive.

reynolds1234 4/1/2024 stars Phone Reading

She is one of my favs. Strongly recommended you give her a call

reynolds1234 3/29/2024 stars Phone Reading

She’s top notch!! Love her and she’s very helpful and accurate. 9 times out of 10 if Nisa says it’ll happen it happens

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Behonestplease 3/9/2024 stars Chat Reading

Wow! I contacted Nisa to ask about contact from poi she said she say a 0 which meant that day at anytime. My poi reached out that day unexpectedly to him.

Beverly 2/21/2024 stars Phone Reading

Nisa will not sugarcoat and she is extremely accurate!!????

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MMRNLove 2/19/2024 stars Chat Reading

This WOMAN! She predicted something extremely accurate for me. Aside from her being HIGHLY gifted, she is down to earth and very real. Not sure what it is about you, but you elicit a very calming energy. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me!

LadyTS 2/19/2024 stars Phone Reading

Had a first phone reading with Nisa today. Wow! She has such a lovely spirit; it was like a breath of fresh air speaking with her. And to top things off, I appreciated her accuracy. She picked up on several things about my life and my POI, that were on point and that she could not have known. Further, she answered every question asked, and delivered all information in a pleasant manner. It was more akin to speaking with a trusted friend. I am very happy that I reached out to her, and I definitely recommend her.

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Behonestplease 2/15/2024 stars Phone Reading

Contact came just like she said and her reading was so accurate on what that day would bring.