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Featured Review Lolalalou 3/25/2022 stars Phone Reading

Ginger is amazing, she’s been accurate with all her predictions. She’s also an amazing guide, very kind and soothing person.

Juiceboi 1/28/2023 stars Phone Reading

One of the best readings I’ve had. Super kind and made me feel better about what’s going on in my life.

Ginger replied...

I'm glad we got to talk and I could help <3 I appreciate you so much

Shell090987 1/25/2023 stars Chat Reading

We shall see what happens... The first reading sounds good and the second one sounded abit off as I ask a question and didn't get a response to it...But, If it comes true... I will definitely be back...

Ginger replied...

I hear you and with the second question due to the time during the chat ending and the sensitivity of the question...I honestly can't even answer it here. Overall the cards said yes. I know that's not a lot but I respect your connection with this person. Thank you for being honest, this has helped me see that I need to be able to jump between topics faster in a reading and cover all bases as quickly as possible <3

Vlinder 1/25/2023 stars Chat Reading

Hi Ginger, thank you for this reading. It was interesting even though short. Due to it being chat I couldn't ask for clarification. Something I dislike about Psychic Source as a platform is that the notification of it being the last minute blocks the last lines, so as a client you can then only see what's been written last when the reading has finished. I am hoping that you would be willing to message me to clarify what you have said. I'm not asking for extra questions or reading time, rather to rephrase the answers you already gave, because I didn't understand the sentence structures (also because you were trying to give as much information as possible in the available time, I bet). Thank you for your time and energy. As I said, it was interesting!

Ginger replied...

It was interesting! I send you a quick message and I know you're not asking for more of a reading. I did not know that about the 1 minute warning either. I can't remember the specific cards but I remember the over all theme and you're truly not wasting your time. I felt that was why we needed the reading the other day. We need to know that it's on a path where he can open up. I'll shoot you a quick message <3 thank you love.

cashford82 1/25/2023 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for being very precise

Ginger replied...

Thank you!!! I am so glad we got to read together.

swoods 1/25/2023 stars Chat Reading

quick to connect, very accurate without much info from myself. wonderful reading, thank you!

Ginger replied...

I appreciate you so much! It was interesting to say the least <3 thank you again :)

Sweetladyh0203 1/19/2023 stars Chat Reading

Ginger is pretty spot on about her predictions and reading my POI… I highly recommend her !!

Ginger replied...

Thank you lovely!!!

Cheffy17 1/13/2023 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for your time and reading. She tuned in on my situation like she was there and accurately described my poi. I hope your prediction comes to pass.

Aries MissyDL 1/4/2023 stars Chat Reading

Wonderful very insightful and good guidance. Accuracy on almost all her predictions.

thattaytayy 12/19/2022 stars Chat Reading

thank you, I honestly wish I could afford to have continued. anyone reading this. ginger is well worth it! no doubts!

Ginger replied...

Thank you! When we got off I was just like, wow, you are amazing, and I meant it when I said you were not alone. I love how compassionate you have become, I know we are in the thick of it, the change was something that yes necessary...still leaves us a little shook, but we're here. And I'm excited for what's next <3 Because you're doing this. People are your place :)