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Psychic Durga x3293

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Featured Review Butterfly44 6/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

I love readings with you, Durga! You provide so much detail and accurate information; so I look forward to my next reading with you! Namaste, and Blessings, Durga!

VirgoBliss 11/22/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thanks Durga, I know you needed more time to give me further read, but I do appreciate what you gave me. Sometimes we are so worried about the future we forgot to establish balance in the now, so its good to have that reminder.

Durga replied...

Stay focus and remember too much is never good.

Sophia0 11/21/2020 stars Phone Reading

Do not doubt you even a bit. Another fabulous reading thank you Durga

Durga replied...

You are welcome. Namaste

Innerpeace2018 10/27/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Durga for the reading from yesterday. We were cut off but I enjoyed all the details you gave me during the reading.

Durga replied...

I am glad you enjoyed. I wished I could have given you more info as I always want my clients to be totally satisfied.

LadyDiana10 10/21/2020 stars Phone Reading

While she tunes in quickly to the situation, I found her reading style to be abrupt and could not get a word in edgewise to confirm or not. I found her details to be generic. She bases all of what she says around planetary aspects, retrogrades and whatever. Too much fluff and nothing factual. May work well for others, but not for me.

Durga replied...

Yes you are correct my readings are not for everyone especially those who like to tell their background information. I did warn you about the good and the bad and how the readings are incorporated, but you dismissed it. Sorry you did not like what you heard. You are paying high price for a reading thus I give you exactly what I see. Fluff is when a adviser always tries to appease you and keeps you on the line and cant give you best of both worlds. This is not what I do-rather the opposite. Namaste wishing you the best Durga

anonymous12345 10/20/2020 stars Phone Reading

Not use to this style reading , but thanks.

Durga replied...

Namaste, yes this type of reading is not for everyone. I wish we lived in world that is like a on/off switch and nothing is absolute.

Butterfly44 10/11/2020 stars Phone Reading

Some people feel that Durga is too abrupt. But she truly has our best interests at heart! She has a lot of information to give, and I appreciate that she wants to share as much of that as possible when she reads for me and her other clients, before the time possibly runs out. She will also let her clients know if it's mercury retrograde, or if any upcoming eclipses are on the horizon, which can affect the accuracy of the reading. She makes sure we have this knowledge so that we can decide if we want to go ahead with the reading, or wait until "the coast is clear !" Thank you again, Durga, for an enjoyable and thorough reading on the various aspects of my life which have included finance, romance, family, and work! God Bless you, and Namaste, Durga!

Durga replied...

You are more than welcome talk to you after Nov 19, breathe.

1freed1 10/3/2020 stars Phone Reading

DURGA is fast and spot om!! you will b astounded and have clarity 1

Durga replied...

Thank you look forward to speaking to you after this difficult time.

1freed1 10/3/2020 stars Phone Reading


Durga replied...

Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it. Remember take it easy during this difficult time.

Onedayatatime 9/19/2020 stars Phone Reading

Doesn't allow you to ask questions, specifically stated she doesn't do questions, only messages she gets.

Durga replied...

Absolutely true. As life is not black and white. It is the grey that brings light.