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Featured Review VirginiaDiana 9/2/2022 stars Chat Reading

I have never had anyone read me so clearly. She is gifted and experienced. A paragraph can not explain the depth. Thank you, Dove.

diemme 9/15/2022 stars Video Reading

Dove was able to connect to my mother and my boyfriend's uncle in spirit effortlessly. She was also able to provide insight into my relationship with my boyfriend, our future as well as my personal future. Dove was warm, friendly, easy-going and accommodating. She was accurate because she said things I already knew for which I just wanted validation.

Rain33 9/7/2022 stars Chat Reading

Very gifted. Spoke of past life connection. After we stopped speaking, I confirmed a lot of what Dove was talking about in synastry astrology charts. She's very clear.

sucesso10 8/31/2022 stars Phone Reading

Good teader

parisb 8/25/2022 stars Chat Reading

A great reading!

Green747 8/25/2022 stars Chat Reading

Dove, many thanks for the great reading again! Truly insightful, enlightening, helpful, and calming. Until next time, love and light.

frankietaylor 8/25/2022 stars Video Reading

Thank you so much Dove! You've just inspired me and I feel that I have so much more clarity on my destiny and all areas of my life! Reflect love & light

LINAS6 8/12/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thank you so much!

LINAS6 8/4/2022 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Dove so kind and so sweet im so glad i had a chat with you

Elle04 7/29/2022 stars Phone Reading

Great as always!