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Psychic Artemis x3598

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Featured Review RedVelvetCat 5/21/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thanks Artemis for your read. You’re so kind, even though we spoke on chat, I felt a very warm sense from you. Thank you for clarifying things for. I must refocus!

RosesAndWine 8/13/2021 stars Chat Reading

Wow, been doing a lot of soul searching at moment and asked for a pretty general love read. She explained I needed to forgive myself. Total blind spot for some personal healing. Loved it, really profound. Thank you for that

Artemis replied...

You are such a beautiful empathic soul that has been carrying a burden for far too long- I am sending you blessings and strength - You're compassionate outwardly, now you will remember to be that way "inwardly" as well...Thank you for reaching out!

Msfabulous0007 8/6/2021 stars Chat Reading


Artemis replied...

I feel so blessed we were able to connect about your question- Without revealing personal details here, sometimes we just need a little confirmation so you can follow the right path- Thanks for taking time to share some kind words about our interaction-

dulce32 8/4/2021 stars Chat Reading

wonderful and honest, she is one of a kind. thank you :)

Artemis replied...

You're so sweet to share your time with me and to take time to write positive words about our connection - they say life isn't a fairy tale, but we all have comedy and drama on the path. You're doing beautifully....thank you again.

Roni0591 7/21/2021 stars Chat Reading

Artemis is really amazing with her abilities. She picks up my POI fast and accurately.

Thatgirl185 7/7/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for the reading, I’m sorry we got cut off. It makes me feel better, though I do wish I could help him. You are a very special reader and I was honored to work with you.

Artemis replied...

You are so kind to take the time to leave a review- You care so much...that shows!

Lightkeeper 7/7/2021 stars Chat Reading

Artemis is so easy to chat with and compassionate. She is also highly skilled and stays on topic, doesnt waste anytime answering your questions. Her reading was truly a gift from spirit , because she provided information that only spirit would know and she is accurate! Give yourself a real gift and talk to her today! She will tell you the truth and do so with consideration. A lovely lady inside and out.

Artemis replied...

Thank you for sharing these words. I really enjoyed our chat and connection. Your compassion was evident the moment we spoke- Stay strong and flexible Remember, if you bend and go with the flow, your healing will be faster- Sending you energy for your highest good!

Empath123 6/11/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thank you!

Artemis replied...

You are soooo Welcome- Thank you for reaching out!!!

Alocep 5/16/2021 stars Chat Reading

Complete Awsomeness!!!!!!!!! Artemis was on point and focused both with time and answers. What a utterly beautiful experience. I'm glad I wrote the questions in advance and focused on each before I rapid fired them to Artemis. She took it in stride and was just as rapid as my firing:)Love ya to the Moon.

Artemis replied...

I felt so blessed to enter into a trance induced intuitive space with you, it was like a choreographed spirit dance, and you kept me on my toes! Thank you for the experience and I hope we get to share this space again- Love and Light to you!

Daiana 5/8/2021 stars Chat Reading

Artemis i had to log off due to People around me but thank god for you girl! I mean man im speechless.

Artemis replied...

I'm sorry we couldn't chat longer- Your privacy is important, and our discussion was so intimate. You need to have space around you when going deep into details like yours. I am sending you strength and patience as you navigate through some difficult decisions about your life choices- You're going to be alright- Spirit says so.