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Simple Balancing Practices for Chakra Alignment

Date 11/23/2022
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Chakra Alignment: An Overview

Your body has seven major energy centers where the physical, spiritual, and energetic aspects of yourself intertwine. Each chakra is associated with certain parts of your physical, spiritual, and emotional self. When your chakras are open and balanced, you'll function at peak efficiency, enjoying good health, vibrant spiritual connectivity, and deeply enriching emotions. If your chakras are out of balance, however, you may experience serious turmoil.

If you're struggling, take a walk up your spine through each chakra to see where you may have a blocked or overactive chakra. If you find a chakra that's out of wack, try meditating on that chakra's balanced mantra to bring it back into alignment.

Root Chakra

Blocked: "I feel insecure and ungrounded."

Balanced: "I am safe and centered."

Overactive: "I need more."

Balancing Practices

Take care of your most primal needs — clean water, whole foods, proper sleep, and daily exercise. Make sure your physical body is healthy.

Sacral Chakra

Blocked: "I feel isolated, depressed, and uninspired."

Balanced: "I am joyful, passionate, and present."

Overactive: "My emotions and desires are controlling me."

Balancing Practices

Take a day of self-care and indulge in the things you desire physically and emotionally.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Blocked: "I feel powerless."

Balanced: "I am confident and stable."

Overactive: "I need to gain more control."

Balancing Practices

Practice core-strengthening yoga. Stand up to something that's been overwhelming you. Root yourself in your beliefs and stand firm.

Heart Chakra

Blocked: "I feel bitter and alone."

Balanced: "I enjoy abundant love."

Overactive: "I'm drained from giving of myself to others."

Balancing Practices

Spend time with loved ones and focus on activities that fulfill you as well as others. Serve only in ways that you enjoy and not in ways that feel stressful or sacrificial.

Throat Chakra

Blocked: "I'm afraid to speak my truth."

Balanced: "I express my truth comfortably."

Overactive: "I need to shout to make sure I'm heard."

Balancing Practices

Find your voice and assert yourself clearly but calmly. Stand up and present your message in a concise, direct manner.

Third Eye Chakra

Blocked: "I'm uninspired and disconnected from those around me."

Balanced: "I am grounded, balanced, and at peace with myself."

Overactive: "Meditation feels hard — I have too many thoughts buzzing around."

Balancing Practices

Meditate on source energy and visualize the universe pouring golden-white light into your body until you radiate with its brilliance.

Crown Chakra

Blocked: "I feel isolated from the universe."

Balanced: "I am one with the universe."

Overactive: "I'm ungrounded and uncertain about the universe."

Balancing Practices

Let go of something that's tethering you to limiting beliefs. Meditate on self-acceptance and connectedness with the universe.

Keeping your chakras in balance is an ongoing practice, which you can learn more about in our Energy Healing Guide. Make a habit of checking in regularly through meditation and visualization to make sure your chakras are clear, vibrant, and full of energy. If you're struggling with a serious imbalance, consider working with a psychic, energy worker, or intuitive counselor to realign your energy and restore your body, mind, and spirit to balance.


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