Kindness and Karma

Published Date 6/23/2017
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Your Karmic Account

We've all hear the saying "karma is a bitch." But there's more to it than that. The easiest way to think about karma is to liken it to a bank account. Good deeds are credits, bad deeds are debits. Keep filling your karmic account with good deeds, and you'll earn it back in positive karma, with interest. Sounds simple, right?

What is karmic debt?
Over the course of a lifetime or lifetimes, we make mistakes. We break a trust, or tell a lie, or treat someone badly, and the karmic debits start to accrue. There are times when our karmic balance tips to the negative, and so we accumulate some karmic debt. Often times, this debt represents a lesson we need to learn, but haven't quite identified in order to make appropriate reparations. When we are unaware of the debt, we may carry it with us to the next lifetime.  

Make regular deposits of kindness to your karmic account
While we don't always know the karmic debt we are up against, we can keep our karmic balance positive through actions which are kind, honest and pure in their intention. Living a life of goodness, compassion and kindness is the best way to make karma your friend.  

Speak to a psychic to uncover your karmic debt
Our Advisors have tools and gifts that can aid you in uncovering your karmic debt and guide you to a positive karmic balance. A numerologist can point to karmic lessons you will face in this lifetime based on the numeric vibrations of your name or date of birth. A spiritual psychic trained in the Akashic Records or Book of Life can guide you in meditation to a view to the karmic credits and debits of past lifetimes. Our Advisors are able to make a soul connection that will help you overcome your karma and move forward with grace. Talk to an intuitive Advisor today!


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