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Clear Your Karmic Debt

Date 12/6/2022
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Clear your Karmic Debt

Understanding Karma: Some Quick Answers

Karma, which is the Sanskrit word for action, refers to the law of cause and effect. Simply put, we reap what we sow. When we think, speak or act, we put out energy that the Universe reflects back to us, and in this way, we create our own destiny. The reaction that comes back may or may not be immediate (in fact, it may take lifetimes to return), and the form and details may be very different, but the energy is the same. It is the Universe’s way of balancing energy, and in doing so, teaches us the lessons that will help us grow spiritually. Here are some quick answers to commonly asked questions about karmic debt.

How do I know if I have karmic debt?

The simplest way to start is through self-reflection, or you may seek the counsel of a friend, intuitive counselor, or psychic Advisor. Pay attention to the patterns in your life. Are you constantly facing the same relationship struggles regardless of whom you are with? Do you struggle with money? Do you come from a family where addiction, abandonment, or betrayal have created a legacy of painful relationships? Is it possible that you self-sabotage your own success? Any of these things could be indicators that the energetic balance is not in your favor. You may be carrying karmic debt that you’ve accrued in this or in past lifetimes. Karmic debt isn’t about punishment for past wrongs. It’s all about balancing energy for the purpose of learning life lessons that will allow your soul to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

Karmic debt and numerology

In numerology, every number vibrates with its own unique energy. A shortcut way to identify karmic debt is to identify your karmic debt number based on the name that was given to you at birth. For example, a karmic number 2 signifies that in a previous life you may have valued the material world over intuition, inner life, and spirituality. You may have incarnated into this lifetime to face the choice of looking beyond material possessions to follow your inner calling. Depending on the level of this karmic debt, the choices you face may be difficult to make, and it may take a lifetime to follow through on your soul’s urging to listen to the quiet voice within, regardless of the cost. With the insight and guidance of a Psychic Source Advisor, you may be able to recognize the patterns and your opportunities for making changes sooner. Follow the instructions in our infographic to see if the result resonates with your own understanding of your patterns in this lifetime.

Karma and Astrology

In Astrology, Saturn is the planet of karma. By identifying the placement of Saturn in your birth chart and exploring the meaning of Saturn's transits, you can get clues to your karmic life lessons and make peace with this planet and its astrological implications for your life.

Karmic debt and the Akashic Records

Another option for exploring karmic debt is to work with one of our spiritual Advisors to open your Akashic records and ask questions of your record keepers. The Akashic records are your soul’s record of all your lifetimes, the choices and agreements you’ve made, your purpose and lessons, and a road map showing potential paths that you can benefit from. A trained psychic or intuitive Advisor can help you find the source of your current patterns in your records, and show you how to repair and release energetic ties.

How can I overcome karmic debt?

The easiest karmic debts to overcome are simple exchanges. Showing kindness is a great way to repay karmic debts.  I smile at you, you smile back. I pay it forward; something nice happens unexpectedly to me.  Some karmic debts go deeper, such as those involving integrity or breaking the “Golden Rule” of doing no harm to others.   You cheat on me and break my trust…and later, someone breaks yours.  That’s a karmic payback.  The karmic lesson goes a little deeper. With this karmic debt as your “baggage,” you may be presented with repeated opportunities to mend relationships where trust has been broken, or else perpetuate the cycle till you learn the lesson.  You may find that history repeats itself over lifetimes until you learn the lesson and choose a new path. That’s your karmic opportunity.

If I repay a karmic debt, is my work done?

Learning the lesson – repaying the debt, frees you to work on other life lessons that arise. And you can be sure they do, because of other laws of karma. Just as the law of humility says that what you refuse to accept will continue for you, until you learn the lesson, the law of growth tells us that when we change who we are at our heart-soul level, our life follows suit. Understanding karma helps us take responsibility for our life, our actions, and our behaviors, and have faith that our reward for spiritual work will come in its own time.


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