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Starting a Spiritual Journey by Psychic Zamara

Date 6/7/2024
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Starting a spiritual journey

You may have heard the phrase 'We are spiritual beings on a human journey'. While it is true that we all have an innate connection to spirituality, knowing that doesn’t make it easier to find our spiritual center or even to know where to begin starting a spiritual journey to find out. In this article, I will share some positive first steps you can take to start your spiritual journey.  

How Can Spirituality Help You Feel More Confident About Your Future

Starting a spiritual journey is not about blind faith, but about understanding and knowledge. It's about 'knowing' over 'faith,' Faith suggests room for doubt, whereas 'knowing' implies a firm conviction. This is what it means to trust your tomorrow. 

Let's imagine our souls have a specific purpose for coming to earth each time. Our souls are designed in a certain way that will affect the paths we must take in this lifetime to achieve that desired outcome. In such situations, spirituality can be a comforting guide to help us navigate life on earth. This knowing assures us that we will end up as destined. When we sometimes doubt the process, we can trust our destiny as we further identify our calling. 

Embarking on a spiritual journey is akin to setting sail into the depths of one's innermost self, seeking meaning, purpose, and connection beyond the tangible realm. It is a profound exploration of the soul, a quest for transcendence, and a pursuit of higher truths that transcend the boundaries of everyday existence. In this journey, individuals delve into the depths of their beliefs, values, and experiences, seeking enlightenment, inner peace, and spiritual fulfillment.

What Causes a Spiritual Awakening?

The causes of spiritual awakening are different for everyone. For some, it unfolds as a natural evolution spurred by a growing yearning for deeper understanding, often accompanying the wisdom that comes with age. For others, it may stem from adversity or prolonged suffering, propelling them toward a quest for profound meaning in existence. It may begin with a fleeting glimpse of heightened consciousness during a yoga practice, gradually leading to a profound exploration of the self.

What truly matters is the initiation of this journey. This brings me to a personal question I'd like to pose (yes, you!): Have you ever wondered about your reason for pursuing spirituality? Why is it important to trust in yourself and trust in your tomorrow? A sense of higher purpose and a universal understanding of why we (you) chose to come here will help you graduate from the most challenging university in our solar system: EARTH! 

Near death experience

Near-Death Narratives: Earth as an Accelerated Path for Soul Evolution

Recently, I watched a few YouTube videos about near-death experiences that moved me. Why did I feel understood? These individuals verbalized how I had been feeling for some time now. Until then, I thought I was alone in understanding etheric contact with each other.

One video stood out. In it, the man communicated with an otherworldy being who explained that higher frequency dimensions exist outside our planet. Our earth is the best "university" to attend for the rapid development of our spirit. Our planet serves as a challenging, but rewarding, place to call home.

Once you understand there is much more to existence than this planet and your current human lifetime, the next step is starting a spiritual journey to investigate these ideas further. I encourage you to look into Near Death Experiences (NDE) as you begin your own journey. This article from the University of Virginia about the link between NDEs and psychic phenomena has some compelling information. I especially encourage you to take a look at the results section, as it aligns very well with my own experiences. 

The Stages of a Spiritual Journey

The stages of our spiritual journey are not always in a specific order, but the first stage is typically the most common starting point.

Tea and questions

1.) Question Everything

The first stage of our spiritual journey is marked by a profound questioning of our daily routine. This disassociation is a common symptom, a result of our increased self-awareness and our growing disengagement with the present. Everything we have invested in our lives, from our jobs to our social circle and habits, is put on trial for its meaning in our lives. Our higher selves are preparing us to clear our lives, making space for new experiences and growth in the future.

2.) Encountering a Dark Night of the Soul

On my personal spiritual journey, I actually experienced number three (The Absorption Phase) after beginning to question everything. However, I listed going through the dark night of the soul at number two here since it is a transformative phase that many experience sooner rather than later. This phase can be challenging, especially if you are too attached to your ego. However, it is a necessary part of the journey, as it paves the way for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. The only way is up after you've been beaten and thrown to the bottom. 

3.) The Learning (Absorption) Phase

During this phase, you are experiencing what aligns with your newfound sense of 'awakening.' Assuming you have gone through the dark night phase, there's a new foundation for your sense of self. What does this look like? Some examples include finding new hobbies, passions, or even career-centered inspirations that better suit your life in the present.

Imagine you suddenly had an entirely new body shape (awakening). Now, you need new clothes (hobbies, passions, relationships, or religions) that complement your spiritual values better. This also looks like purchasing crystals, trying magic oil, getting reiki sessions, and getting advice from spiritual teachers. 

4.) Discovering the True Self

When we have the room to practice our new ways of being, discovering the true self occurs naturally. Living genuinely as who you truly are is a liberating, powerful, and joyful experience. 

5.) Spiritual Growth Through Acts of Service

Sharing our wisdom is one of the most extraordinary acts of love a human can demonstrate. When we receive knowledge as a gift, we may feel the urge to share it with others. However, assessing whether the person you're sharing with is ready to receive the information is important. Sharing too soon could have negative consequences. Therefore, it's essential to be responsible and considerate when sharing knowledge.

6.) Mastering Your True Self

Mastering one's true self is a lifelong journey that involves nurturing and evolving your soul as needed. Throughout life's phases, we are led to re-evaluate our character in the present. Our soul does not age, but it is designed to transform its state of being until we become like our purest form and are united with the most significant source creator. Nirvana is the ultimate achievement, and we cannot get there without mastering the core being within ourselves. We may be advanced in our journey, but we still require mastery of our incarnation until we have ascended. 



Embarking on a spiritual journey is a profound exploration of the self, seeking meaning, purpose, and connection beyond the tangible realm. It's a delicate balance between interdependence and individuality. This journey begins with questioning everything and evolves through stages like the dark night of the soul, learning, discovering the true self, and mastering one's true self.

Crucially, the journey is fueled by a trust in tomorrow and a sense of higher purpose, often catalyzed by experiences like near-death encounters or a growing yearning for deeper understanding. Along the way, there's a transformational shift from faith to knowledge, from uncertainty to firm conviction in the path ahead.

Ultimately, the spiritual journey is not just about personal growth but also about acts of service and sharing wisdom with others while being mindful of their readiness to receive it. It's about nurturing and evolving the soul, embracing new experiences, passions, and spiritual practices that align with one's evolving sense of self.

As individuals navigate this journey, they realize that spirituality is not just a destination but a lifelong process of growth, self-discovery, and connection with the universe. And in sharing their journey with others, they contribute to a collective awakening, enriching not just their own lives but the lives of those around them.

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