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Psychic Zamara x4981

Psychic Zamara x4981

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Featured Review MMRNLove 1/9/2024 stars Chat Reading

Truly gifted and kind. She took the time to explore a taboo topic with me and what she shared with me truly resonated. Thank you Zamara, bless you!

Zamara replied...

The main thing I strive for, is to be open minded, and for all my clients to feel comfortable sharing with me as they need to. It was such a blessing, and unique reading we did, and I’m so grateful we have the chance to dive deep into that area. Have a golden 2024 “Mlove” Zamara

Michele 12 7/5/2024 stars Chat Reading

NicoleB 6/23/2024 stars Chat Reading

Just wonderful. The way she explains things helped me to truly understand my situation. Thank you Zamara!

Zamara replied...

It is truly my passion helping others and communicating any helpful advice I am being guided to offer. Clients like you keep me excited to work every day. Blessings to your summer -Zamara

jnbaker 6/22/2024 stars Chat Reading

she was very kind and helped me get a better understanding of the reason behind my issue.

Zamara replied...

I'm really grateful I could provide any assurance and understanding to your problems. Blessings to your peace -Zamara

jasminekeith21 6/22/2024 stars Chat Reading

Zamara is a truly gifted reader who provides deep insights and practical advice. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking clarity and guidance in their life.

Zamara replied...

Thank you so much for taking your time and giving me your thoughts on our reading! Blessings to your peace of mind - Zamara

LauraDeeGee 6/6/2024 stars Chat Reading

thank you zamara! sorry was cut short but I will call back to learn more about Akashic records ??

Abab21 5/29/2024 stars Chat Reading

Zamara was great! She a bad energy source in my home and I felt immediately better once I got rid of it. She told me I have some good things coming and I am waiting for them to manifest. I truly feel she could see my situation and was caring and helpful.

Zamara replied...

Wow I'm so glad this helped you out immediately! I remember on our chat our energy exchange, and I pray your enerrgy CONTINUES to clear your paths, and may you CONTINUE your peaceful life forward ! Thanks for your feedback. <3 In love and peace, Zamara

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kathykathy 5/28/2024 stars Phone Reading

The only one who could pick up on my BALD "ex". I'll give credit for that. Everything else was extremely generic and cliche. People don't call for generic Instagram advice. "if you think positively, you will be more positive"....seriously? doesn't need to be said. Especially when someone has been working hard for a long time and you are telling them "you need to be more positive"....its so irritating. In regards to my career, it was a scattered reading. Talked superficially about chakras, then mentioned i'd be getting a job in "3 months", the generic timeframe ALL psychics give. Then she changed the timeframe to October. I don't doubt that she has talent and that she's gifted, but she would be more effective as a reader if she wasn't giving extremely cliche advice that I didn't ask for, and also giving the generic "3 month" timeline, which I have heard from ALL psychics for the last 8 years. Give her a try, she pretty good. Just a bit scattered, like she wasn't expecting the call.

Momof3Indians 5/25/2024 stars Phone Reading

INCREDIBLE! Truly has a gift! She mentioned rabbits being around me and I volunteer for rabbit rescue! Her gift is real. I'm impressed. Thank you for the reassurance

Zamara replied...

I remember that very moment! That was a fun reading to do for you. I look forward to updates especially in love! Take care and thank you again for choosing me is your advisor With love Zamara

gnessa89 5/4/2024 stars Chat Reading

Omg Zamara just blew my socks off. I've spoken to readers for years and never have someone just had my mouth open at the end of the reading. She picked up on me without asking me a question!! She's so sweet and energy is authentic. Girl I can't wait to give you an update. God bless!

Zamara replied...

I love updates like these! Thank you so much for sharing this. I look forward to hearing back from you! Blessings to your path - Zamara