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Featured Review Peach24 10/12/2019 stars Phone Reading

I’ve had a few readings with Vincent and he never fails me. He is always consist he knows what I need before I say anything. He tells me exactly what I need to hear at the time even if I didn’t realize I needed it. He's awesome and I truly trust this man. If I could talk to him every night to ease my fears I would.

Inquisiti 10/14/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Vincent. I love chatting with you. You keep me from going out on that tree branch. I so appreciate you!! You are really helping me see the bigger picture to why things are the way they are and helping me with my anxieties. You are truly gifted. I am so glad I found you!

lduvnjak 10/12/2019 stars Chat Reading


Inquisiti 10/10/2019 stars Phone Reading

I always enjoy talking to Vincent. He always knows how to ease my mind and worries. I truly appreciate his guidance and support. I know Vincent will tell me what he sees it and gives no fairy tales. Thank you so much for being there and talking me off the ledge. You are really helping me not torch things this time! I always look forward to our talks and how you keep me grounded. Believe me that's not easy but Vincent knows how to do it. Thank you!!

Doglady08 10/10/2019 stars Phone Reading

I love Vincent! His gift is genuine and his readings are straightforward which I greatly appreciate. He has a great sense of humor and genuinely cares for those he reads for. He is very accurate. If you have not had a reading with Vincent you need to call him!

DScorpion 10/10/2019 stars Phone Reading

After reading with Vincent, I feel like I can do anything! I've gone through alot in life and he was able to quickly describe people and things around me and how to handle them. It's been a long time that I felt like I connected with someone as straightforward and compassionate at the same time. Not an easy task. No judgement just some healing and long term vision as a whole. Would definitely recommend for anyone who needs some positive rejuvenation and future insight.

Noche1953 10/8/2019 stars Phone Reading

Probably the coolest guy I know, very smooth. Also a great advisor. You’re gonna love him.

TraceY1984 10/4/2019 stars Phone Reading

I just had my first reading here with Vincent last night and automatically this is my go-to!! Believer!! Definitely coming back!!! I've tried and spoken to different psychics and networks because I needed answers, answers that kept me lost in confusion and after last night's reading I am still in shock! Picked up every single thing without question or hesitation and now I feel a complete shift in my vibe and a weight off my shoulders!! Wow!! Tapped into exactly what the situation was immediately with only a name and birthdate. Completely different than anything or anyone I have ever experienced!!! Im coming back!!! Definitely worth EVERY dime!! The real deal. Thank you!!!

Willacy 9/30/2019 stars Phone Reading

After reading some reviews about Vincent I decided to give him a try and he certainly didn't disappoint. I was kinda stuck in a rut and his sobering thoughts just reminded me and gave me some assurance things are looking up and I should just stay focused... Highly recommended!

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SandiS 9/30/2019 stars Phone Reading

Vincent is amazing. He connected to me immediately. He claims to be a hard psychic, that he won't tell you what you want to hear... but to me he did. He did tell me what I wanted to hear and that was your truth. It was honesty. He's my new favorite. I highly recommend him. He's the real deal. He made me feel happy and empowered. Thank you, Vincent.