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Psychic Ursula x9927

Psychic Ursula x9927

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736 reviews since Nov 2017

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Featured Review BellaG1868 7/18/2023 stars Phone Reading

Ursula is an absolutely jewel. I have had several readings with her in the last year and her guidance has been a blessing and always spot on. I’m amazed at the things she sees! And I love her emphatic style. Each conversation is a true gift. Thank you!

chricy 6/22/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank you

Meagan4144 6/20/2024 stars Video Reading

Ursula was kind and compassionate. I really enjoyed connecting with her.

lucky1918 6/13/2024 stars Phone Reading

My wonderful Ursula! Thank you for being there for me. How do you know all you know? Your info is mind blowing, really! Will keep in touch. Much Love, Lady Libra

marley0518 6/9/2024 stars Phone Reading

Ursula was great. The call ended too soon, but thank for for talking to me about my dog that passes away. it really helped me get some closure.

liv4u8 6/7/2024 stars Phone Reading

Ursula is simply phenomenal! She described my sister from A to Z without any info from me as well as unfortunately our strained relationship. The feedback I got from her about my family was correct to the finest detail! She quickly connects and reads for real ! One of my go to! Call her , no regrets! I’m quite picky and I have read read with lots of others pricey and not. She is super accurate! Thanks Ursula!

LadyTS 5/28/2024 stars Phone Reading

My first time reading with Ursula and I found that she has a lovely spirit and comes across as someone that really cares and is here to help. At the start of the reading, just listening to her speak brought an immediate smile and sense of comfort to me, even though I had no idea what she was about to tell me. When I asked questions, she quickly tuned in and thoroughly answered them all. Her responses were specific to my situation and included information she could not have known without that connection. By the end of the call, I had all of the answers I sought and I felt uplifted. I’m very happy I called Ursula and I highly recommend her.

luvslife 5/26/2024 stars Phone Reading

What an amazing reader! I called Ursula about my business, and she immediately knew details about this niche business without me saying anything. She truly has a gift. Talking with her is like talking with a friend and trusted advisor. This was my first call with Ursula and I look forward to talking with her again. She's truly a gifted psychic advisor!

Empath123 5/23/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, Ursula. You always tune in to the people around me. You were spot on with relatives. But it took me a while to see it. I see it now and look forward to the positive changes

lucky1918 5/18/2024 stars Phone Reading

Well Miss Ursula, we again got to visit with each other. You know how much I love you and appreciate your valued predictions and information. Your ability to feel the energy of the person you are speaking with is unbelievable not to mention your kindness and understanding. Much love and many thanks for again giving me comfort! Lady Libra