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Psychic Skyler x9090

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Featured Review jazzymae 4/5/2021 stars Phone Reading

One happy customer! Thank you Skyler for positively sharing your insight, messages from spirit and guidance with me. I truly enjoyed our conversation and look forward to talking to you soon. Due to limited funds I could not re-add money the second time around sad because you are truly a gem to talk to. Thanks again!!

Skyler replied...

Thank you very kindly for your thoughtful feedback, it means a lot to know it helped you. It was such a pleasure connecting with your wonderful energy dear! Your reading was a reflection of your Amazing energy to heal, so please know you are blessed! Remember what spirit shared with you, keep working on you, you will be in a good place! I look forward to connecting with you in the future, Blessings dear one!

Annasmom 4/3/2021 stars Phone Reading

While she wasn’t able to connect to my situation, I still believe she is gifted and an inspiration.for others as an intuitive myself..

Skyler replied...

Hello, spirit did connect but it seems it may not have been what you wanted to hear. You're question required more insight on the connection between you and your POI, more than the idea of lingering on the mind. Remember spirits encourages us to obtain our highest fullest potential, even with love. Keep your heart open and strive for fulfilment in love, stay blessed!

healing93833 4/3/2021 stars Phone Reading

Skyler, thank you so much for your support! You were very clear and concise in your communication. I recommend! xox

Skyler replied...

Thank you dear for taking the time to leave such wonderful feedback. I really enjoyed connecting with you! Remember spirit's message to 'let it go' and be patient, things will be resolved. Looking forward to connecting with you in the future, stay blessed!

normaconedera 4/2/2021 stars Phone Reading

She was sweet and nice I appreciate that, but the reading itself was so off. It didn’t make sense.

Kimmy3 3/24/2021 stars Phone Reading

Just fabulous!! Quick, accurate and direct. Skylar is a blessed intuitive soul

Skyler replied...

Hello dear Kim, you are such a delightful, amazing soul! Thank you very kindly for your positive feedback, we do have a great connection!!! Remember what spirit confirmed, stay focused on that new opportunity and it will find you! Stay blessed, looking forward to connecting with you soon!!!

scarlettkitten 3/18/2021 stars Phone Reading

Skyler tapped into my energy quickly and gave me a reading that I felt really answered my questions, fleshing out more details along the way. Thank you Skyler!

Skyler replied...

Hello dear Charon, thank you so very kindly for your much appreciated positive feedback. It's because of your wonderful energy, and willingness to work on your life path with trust in yourself, I see success! I felt very blessed connecting with you, looking forward to speaking in the neat future, Brightest Blessings!

Bazaar11 3/17/2021 stars Phone Reading

Skyler told me what I needed to hear. She was very accurate and explained why I needed extra help to get through my situation. She is very sweet, kind, and caring.

Skyler replied...

Thank you very kindly for your generous positive feedback Angelica, I so appreciate connecting with your wonderful energy. I can't begin to let you know how your great ability to keep an open mind enhanced our reading for spirit to truly come through with insightful confirmation, because of you! I'm always here for you, and keeping you in my prayers, stay blessed!

Kmac333 3/15/2021 stars Phone Reading

I have always found wisdom and guidance in my readings; I have never left a review. I feel called to do so for Skyler. She is amazing and a blessing. Thank you for your compassion and clarity. Angels bless you.

Skyler replied...

It was a true pleasure connecting with you Kari, and thank you very kindly for your much appreciated time for leaving very positive feedback, I felt very honored! You are an amazing force and I do see you both making it through this one, of many, tests of faith you've overcome. Keeping you, and your loved ones, enveloped in positive prayers, stay blessed!

barbcam 3/1/2021 stars Phone Reading

Top notch as always. Thank you for being there once again!

Skyler replied...

Always an honor, and true pleasure to connect with your Amazing energy Barb. Thank you very kindly for the your much appreciated feedback, your kind words are a true reflection of your extraordinary spiritual energy! Stay blessed dear Barb!

barbcam 2/22/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, Thank you Skyler! You are just amazing, your insights are so spot on. I have a more sure footed direction after speaking with you! Thank you for your gifts.

Skyler replied...

Barbara my dear, you know what a true blessing it is to connect with you. Despite all the uncertainty and challenges you face, when spirit comes through for you, you get it! God bless you for your willingness to be patient and resilient when weathering those storms! Never let anyone dim your heart light, stay blessed my dear!