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Psychic Sasha x9183

Psychic Sasha x9183

Direct and Hopeful


I'm away

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Featured Review Icefish 6/21/2023 stars Phone Reading

Sasha was definitely amazing! She flowed like a fountain with accurate information and knew things that nobody knew.

Dylan1 6/16/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thanks, Sasha. Love you! ?? Elena

purplestarlight 6/1/2024 stars Chat Reading

Sasha has great insights on the energies involved. I find she tunes in accurately and that’s why I keep going my back to her. Thanks Sasha

purplestarlight 5/19/2024 stars Chat Reading

Good reader!

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Flygirl777 5/1/2024 stars Phone Reading

I’ve never reviewed someone 3 seconds after ending a call but I had to with Sasha because I felt this reading was so powerful and so thruthful and she does not sugar coat anything! She set me straight in this reading!!!! lol I honestly pray that her new predictions on POI come to pass… the last predictions did happen!! She predicted POI would come around after a fall out and he did!

Vame317 5/1/2024 stars Chat Reading

Quick and clear response. Direct and encouraging. Thank you Sasha =)

Flygirl777 3/23/2024 stars Phone Reading

I had a lovely conversation with Sasha today and she described my POI perfectly!!!! The reading was actually very informative and she made it very funny too!!! I just hope that predictions do come to pass and I will be calling her to update her and hopefully have another laugh while we’re at it.

Icefish 3/22/2024 stars Phone Reading

I love Sasha, she’s a very good advisor and gives wonderful feedback. However, it takes away from the reading when you let your emotions and opinions get involved.

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Creative_Hiccup 2/7/2024 stars Phone Reading

You want to have Sasha as your advisor. What she tells me, happens. Timelines really aren't her thing, but OUTCOMES are. This is more a message to Sasha than you all - you told me that he was going to show back up like nothing happened (jack-in-the-box) and that I'd be pissed about it. I didn't recognize the first part until you pointed it out to me. Then I was like - holy heck, yes! But when we last spoke, I wasn't really mad. Then . . . all of the people at the pub were all over themselves happy that he and I were talking. I got / am really pissed - I'm like - you realize that he refused to speak to me for the past two months even though we see each other all the time. It felt / feels like a betrayal. Obviously so many more nuances, but you told me . . . and I tried not to believe you! Sasha is gold. She will tell you like it is. I actually feel like she is invested in my happiness, even if that means delivering information that I don't want to hear. AND . . . she's hilarious!

fluffycows 1/30/2024 stars Chat Reading

Sasha is great and if what she sees coming in the next couple of months. I will be one very happy camper! She'll ask questions to clarify and expand on what she sees and feels:)