Psychic Sasha x9183

Psychic Sasha x9183

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Featured Review Sunshine0301 2/6/2022 stars Chat Reading

She is amazing! She can tell me details about things that really help! She’s very accurate & can tune right in! Love conversations with her!!

wrialvar301 4/29/2022 stars Phone Reading

Amazing thank you I will be calling you soon

No1cocoa 4/26/2022 stars Chat Reading

My first reading with Sasha. I was impressed with how quickly she picked up on my POI. She is truly connected. I’m looking forward to her predictions coming to pass.

BeautifullyLovedByMora 4/26/2022 stars Phone Reading

Sasha is my girl!!! Has been spot on since day one, predictions and readings have not changed.

Neyi84 4/10/2022 stars Chat Reading

She was amazing! She was able to tune into my situation right away with very little information. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you!

Ra8811 4/6/2022 stars Chat Reading

Sasha, firstly, your previous prediction came true. We did meet in person, exactly at the timeframe you said. Secondly, this reading literally made me cry. Thanks for being so kind, warm and truthful. I trust you because you have always been right in the past and I trust that you're right again this time. Yes, I do love him eventhough it's not grounded, and I also love you Sasha.

EbonyNev 3/27/2022 stars Phone Reading

You are phenomenal!!! I absolutely loved talking to you!! I will call you back in a about a month! You made my night and opened my mind much more! Thank you!

cjaddee 3/27/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Sasha.

AllNatural 3/23/2022 stars Phone Reading


rbee01 3/20/2022 stars Chat Reading

Good, to the point. Doesn't ask too many leading questions to feed her information, thus not wasting your time. Her predictions were inline with my own intuition. I will definitely be reading with her again!