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Psychic Sapphire x3149

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Featured Review LiseAnn 4/26/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you You are very gifted and insightful. I am very grateful for your validation of the depth of my feelings related to this loss, the encouragement to remember my light and wholeness and the inspiration to focus on my dream

Sapphire replied...

Thank you for your positive feedback. I too am grateful for our connection and your open heart. Nurture great thoughts and continue to plant the seeds of your dreams. The harvest is promised. Love and light; Sapphire :)

Katydi9560 5/10/2021 stars Chat Reading

I love Sapphire but honestly I don't feel like she fully connected today. While some of her advice resonated, I felt like it wasn't quite accurate to the reality of the situation and was rather vague and generalized.

Sapphire replied...

Thank you so much for your thoughtful review. I completely understand not all connections offer deep or profound messages. I've reviewed our chat and I see our Guides are communicating; yet slow moving energies offer slower results. This journey is perfectly designed for your Soul's growth. Trust in the seasons of your Divine timing. Your Guides know the desires of your heart and work behind the scenes to assist you at every moment. Love and light; Sapphire :)

kaceeh1332 5/10/2021 stars Chat Reading

She is always compassionate and spot on!!

Buzzz27 5/8/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thank you sapphire, sorry out of funds. But thank you so much

Sapphire replied...

Thank you for your thoughtful review. So please you are able to connect with your Guides and find comfort in their messages. Continue to call on them, night or day. No request is too small. Love and light: Sapphire :)

daphne 5/5/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sapphire is gifted, kind, compassionate, and patient. When I am experiencing uncertainty and my thoughts are foggy I call Sapphire. She clears the fog and gives advice on what to expect and how to proceed. She is always kind, patient, and understanding. No matter how many times I may ask the same question she answers with compassion. For me, she is God sent and I love her so much. Thank God for Sapphire.

Sapphire replied...

Thank you so much for your kindness. I love our connection as well. You are a very gifted lady with a myriad of loving supports around you. I am extremely pleased to share this time and space with you. I trust our Guides and admire your ongoing faith in what they reveal to you. Thank you for connecting with me, I am honored to be your advisor. Love and light; Sapphire :)

heartcares 4/29/2021 stars Phone Reading

Feel like I am calling a friend, she is quick, kind and very connected !

Sapphire replied...

Thank you so much for your ongoing faith in our connection. I am so please to share the messages from your Guides. Launch yourself towards the life you so richly deserve. Your wings are ready to take flight. Love and light; Sapphire :)

heartcares 4/24/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sapphire is the real deal, she connects very quickly to the spirit world and gives great insight ! She is not only an excellent psychic, she is a very wise person! It’s like talking to a best friend! I have spoken to her numerous times over the last month and she has brought me great clarity and encouragement! Thank you Sapphire!

Sapphire replied...

Thank you for your kind feedback. Your Guides want you to trust them as they communicate through the yearnings of your heart. You are not making mistakes. Each twist and turn is leading you to a life of value. Surrender to this intuitive calling. Love and light; Sapphire :)

candyrob1 4/23/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sapphire is wonderful, tuned in quickly to my situation. Comforting to speak with. Very talented. Please give her a call you won’t be disappointed.

Sapphire replied...

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. Life is magnificent if we learn to just flow. See the delicate flower, see the blade of grass, see how awe-inspiring it is to just be your perfect Divine self. Love and light; Sapphire :)

monica1109 4/23/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sapphire, this was the first good reading I’ve had in a long time. I loved the positive energy you brought to the reading. I will definitely call you back. Thank you very much!

Sapphire replied...

Thank you for the affirming feedback. Guidance is found from the inside out. Your own soul and the love that radiates from your heart is the true teacher. Love and light: Sapphire :)

333999 4/17/2021 stars Phone Reading

quickly described my situation with such an astute interpretation where I finally felt sincerely understood. I could not even pinpoint in words what she could. Everything she said was realistic and allowed me to truly believe as I am cynical and untrusting. She is that beautiful blue sapphire stone

Sapphire replied...

Thank you for your kind feedback. Your Guides want you to know your next message is ready to arrive right where you are. Listen to your heart and embrace this intuitive guidance as a trusted friend. Love and light; Sapphire :)