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Featured Review LeviRA 11/20/2021 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Salem! Always wonderful talking with you. So uplifting and positive with no judgment! Will return again and again!

Pancake 12/27/2022 stars Phone Reading

10 stars! She's so accurate! Always tells me things there's no way she could know

Andydy 6/28/2022 stars Chat Reading

Salem is very kind and compassionate. Very warm and fast in answering. Regarding accuracy of reading, will still have to wait for results. I hope everything you predicted will come true. Still waiting. Thank you.

SB0911 6/11/2022 stars Phone Reading

I don't rate in a hurry but Salem is something else and refreshing. I have tried more than 20 different psychics here over the last decade and no one has made me feel the sincerity that Salem has shown. I explained my situation and she offered to breaking it down having in mind that I didn't have much time left. She has restored my attitude. Salem thank you so much and looking forward to that email.

Lotus111 6/11/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Salem!!. She is always so empathetic to the situation AND so great to chat with. Sincere and intuitive. POI hasn’t budged BUT the energy is still there

firefly 5/29/2022 stars Chat Reading

Very kind, fast and to the point. She gave me great spiritual advice which I will follow and nailed my POI. Thank you for being genuine.

Lotus111 5/29/2022 stars Chat Reading

Great connecting with you again!! I will connect again soon. It makes sense what you explained and I have been praying for a positive outcome. I hope POI has the courage to follow through and reach out.

win1804 5/22/2022 stars Phone Reading

An absloute gem! Salem tunes in very quick, she is hysterical and she does not sugarcoat and her advice is custom tailored to your specific situation.

purplestarlight 5/17/2022 stars Chat Reading

One of the best readings I have had here. She definitely connected with me. I will surely read with her again. Thanks so much Salem!

Pancake 5/1/2022 stars Chat Reading

She's the best!!