Psychic Orion x9761

Psychic Orion x9761

Comprehensive and intuitive

4½ stars

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Featured Review Voyager1 10/5/2019 stars Phone Reading

Orion, was very insightful and accurate. He was able to pickup on things that I did not mention and was able to describe them in total. He is a must to chat with.

Aurora444 11/8/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much! You put my heart to ease when i was so worried! God bless you!

Patty12 11/7/2019 stars Phone Reading

No connection. This was a total miss. He did not pick up on anything that I could relate to..I wanted a psychic reading, but did not get that... It was more like talking to a friend who give you unwanted advise about what you should do. He tried but I think he knew he was not connected..the more I asked him questions, I could tell he was having a hard time answering, and found a way to go around the questions

Marguerite 11/4/2019 stars Chat Reading

Thoughtful and supportive

Pixie050 10/21/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for your valuable insight.

Strongerthenever 10/16/2019 stars Phone Reading

Orion was so very accurate with the info he gave. He really help me to be able to move forward in confidence with my situation. I will be contacting him again in the future.

snwk231 10/15/2019 stars Chat Reading

Quick! Great Reading!

snwk231 10/15/2019 stars Chat Reading


Jace1111 10/15/2019 stars Chat Reading

Orion was amazing! He tuned in so accurately with only names and dob. He knew things I did not tell him, and brought up things I've thought to myself on the inside. He had good advice that came from a place of knowledge. A few things he said really clicked with me, and I feel like this really will help me moving forward, I can't thank him enough. I will be back

Marguerite 10/11/2019 stars Chat Reading

So helpful.