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  • Specialties: Love Psychic, Career Psychic, Intuitive/Empath
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More About Orion

Years of Experience: 23

Greetings, I am known as Orion, and my journey as a psychic spans an enriching 22 years. Throughout this time, I've honed my abilities in feeling the emotions of others, embodying empathy to sense energies, and perceiving the colors of auras. These gifts have paved the way for my specialization as a Tarotist and occult practitioner.

My focus rests on aiding individuals like you in uncovering your inner strength. By harnessing the knowledge of the stars, I offer a new perspective on reality and guide you towards a path that ensures the best decisions for your life's journey. My purpose lies in serving as a spiritual guide, illuminating your path with wisdom and spiritual light.

In my toolkit, you'll find the Tarot and oracle cards. These tools assist me in interpreting the energies and messages that surround us, providing insights that resonate deeply with your situation.

My role as an advisor is rooted in my passion for helping people tap into their innate power. I believe in revealing a fresh vision of reality, instilling hope and self-love, and nurturing your wisdom to understand why life unfolds the way it does.

When you engage in a reading with me, expect to gain not just knowledge, but a profound understanding of your circumstances. My aim is to infuse your reality with hope, creativity, and a sense of direction that empowers you to manifest positive outcomes.

Describing my personality, you'll find that I am a spiritual soul with a strong empathetic nature. My direct approach is driven by a deep-seated desire to assist you, even when truths may be challenging. I am here to be of service and to guide you towards the light.

My reading style can be described as passionate and direct. I pour my heart into every reading, delivering insights that come from a place of sincere care and understanding.

What sets me apart is my unique connection to the universe. As a starseed, I'm driven by a deep connection to the cosmos, studying stars and constellations to unravel the mysteries of existence. Remember, we are all fragments of stars, and that connection grounds my work.

In closing, know that I approach life with gratitude, and I extend my thanks to you. May blessings and light guide your path.

With cosmic warmth, Orion

Words of Wisdom

"If you want to understand universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" - Tesla

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425 reviews since Jul 2017

Featured Review Mont61687 3/24/2021 stars Chat Reading

Love love love his reading he was very on point and was respectful with feed back thank you

Orion replied...

Thank you

Karen7 12/1/2023 stars Phone Reading

I connected right away with Orion, He was spot on with my situation…I’ll have to give it some time I’ll be reaching out again with Orion , give him a call you won’t be disappointed.

Orion replied...

Thank you, I do my best to provide you with accurate info. all the time, I appreciate your time

AuroraLove444 11/28/2023 stars Chat Reading

First time using the chat method and I felt like Orion was very accurate !! He is always very accurate over the phone, but also on chat as well!! Thank you Orion! Aurora !

Orion replied...

I appreciate your comments, chat or phone I hope the reading helped you out to take good decisions and understand more about yourself

tcampiz 11/20/2023 stars Phone Reading

Very helpful and informative reading. Everything Orion said was so dead on. As I navigate my relationship transition with my husband, I will be reaching out again to Orion! Thanks!

Orion replied...

Thank you so much for your feedback, you are the creator of your reality, trust in the process and you will be able to change the circumstances

walker77 11/17/2023 stars Chat Reading

Very direct approach. Looking forward to seeing what comes to pass.

Orion replied...

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it. You will see with time things will come to pass, it is matter of time

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