Psychic Nova x3615

Psychic Nova x3615

Non-Judgmental Clairvoyant

4½ stars

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Featured Review Elijah1022 12/29/2021 stars Chat Reading

Omg she had everything on point.. I will always use her. I recently lost my husband and she told me things only he would know. I love her and will be using her again. He really was talking to her. It gave me a sense of comfort knowing he is ok.

Sherri1313 5/21/2022 stars Phone Reading

From the beginning she was spot on. A beautiful sweet lady. Nova was amazing and I'll be calling her again. She put my worries behind me. A must call!!

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5714029468 5/18/2022 stars Phone Reading

Nova is a shinning light! She able to make a rainy day feel with sun of rays!!!! I have been seeking guidance from Nova for about a year. She has never stirred me in the wrong direction. All of her predictions came to pass. She never tell a person information that they want to hear but information she sees…This is the reason that she is my favorite advisor.

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Blondi6100 5/17/2022 stars Chat Reading

I have had multiple readings with Nova and she is quick, clear and consise with the incoming information!! It just flows quickly once she’s connected with you and so accurate! Thankyou Nova! I will be looking forward to the next chat:)

Gigi1111 5/13/2022 stars Phone Reading

Nova was very pleasant and direct. She actually explained how I was feeling and revealed somethings that I've actually have been experiencing. I am grateful to have spoken with you tonight. Stay blessed. I will keep you posted on my progress!

KREESHA 5/11/2022 stars Phone Reading

She is officially my go to she is very accurate she not selling you a dream straight to the point dose not waste your minutes she my new best friend.

arlettaist23 5/9/2022 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Nova to lift up my spirit .You are the best.I keep you posted.God Bless

Bethgaglione 5/9/2022 stars Chat Reading

I love Nova! I wish I could chat with her daily. She is direct with what she sees but kind and consistent , confident in reassuring. Thank you so much Nova. I’ll be in touch next week!

Queenofpentacles 5/6/2022 stars Phone Reading

Love Her! Thank you so much for your amazing reading. I feel you connected very well with my poi energy ( cuckoo for coco puffs ) Can’t wait for the future predictions to unfold! We will def be talking again soon! Thanks for talking me off the ledge lol. Thank u again my Virgo sister !!

RosesAndWine 4/30/2022 stars Phone Reading

Nice woman. None of her points resonated.

Nova replied...

I'm sorry you felt that way considering it was a 3 min session and it was extreme noise in the background. You will need to have a peaceful setting and a little more time to get the reading you was looking for. Be Blessed Dear :)