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Psychic Nova x3615

Psychic Nova x3615

Non-Judgmental Clairvoyant

4½ stars

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866 reviews since Jun 2020

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Featured Review Heaven 6/27/2022 stars Phone Reading

She always brings the calm and provides the best advice. I felt comfort in hearing the great things to come that she shared from spirit. Nova you are always on it. Give her a try, you will not be disappointed. Blessing

Keeta24 5/15/2024 stars Chat Reading

Compassionate but honest which is rare in today’s world. I look forward to updating you on my POI thank you so much talk soon.

Princess1970 5/10/2024 stars Phone Reading

Nova is amazing. She told me not to give up on my POI that he would be coming back, Nova said we are destined to be together. Can’t wait for predictions to unfold, I know they’ll happen. Will check in soon Nova! Thank you

Nova replied...

Thank you so much for your review, I know you will be so happy with your beautiful upcoming long term life relationship commitment. you are on the right path .... let's talk soon for a update many blessings

qlovely 5/6/2024 stars Chat Reading

Nova is genuine quick responses never a delay just flows which I love. She answered all of my questions with precision and accuracy. If you’re reading this review give her a call/or chat you will not be disappointed.

Nova replied...

it was a pleasure to connect with you, I love your energy and the purity in your spirit! you will have everything you need to feel good and secure with in this life Journey. I look forward to connecting with you soon and blessings are all over you !

StarJumper 5/4/2024 stars Phone Reading

Nova sees positivity for my mental health coming soon in my favor. Good vibes are flowing in my favor about my POI.

Nova replied...

This is your season to win! Everything you do and touch shall be good. Stay on the correct path and never give up ... I'm looking to connect with you soon .

customer(s) found the following review helpful

sward038 4/30/2024 stars Phone Reading

Nova was nice in the beginning. I listened to what she was saying about my POI, and I believed her. (She said give it 30 days for me to see a change in this person) I just wanted reassurance that she was picking up on the correct person from my energy. So, I asked her to describe him or tell me something about this person. She got offened and said that if I have to question her about him being the correct person, that I need to contact another psychic. Didn't mean to offend her, I just wanted some reassurance. I selected her because she had really good ratings.

Nova replied...

You were extremely offensive and disrespectful to me as an Advisor, I clearly stated after I told you multiple things about him to prove to you, I'm seeing the correct person. you just kept on SO I ASKED YOU TO PLEASE END THE CALL AND FIND ANOTHER ADVIOSR YOU FELT BETTER WITH. I'm a world-renowned clairvoyant and medium. I don't hold hands and baby clients. I NEVER FORCE ANYONE TO BELIVE IN MY ABILITY. not my job to force you to trust me. I gave you a fantastic reading until you started with that bad energy. How would you feel if someone treated you that way at your Job? and give you a poor review for no reason? I see it makes you feel good to make a public review on half-truth ..... Advisors should not have to convince you to believe and only have 3 min to get a reading that would have taken 30 min. Very unkind energy

Crystal13 4/23/2024 stars Chat Reading

Lovely to speak with, reassuring & on point

Nova replied...

You are amazing and incredibly good to connect and tap into, I look forward to growing a deeper connection as your Advisor. Thank you for trusting me for your spiritual insight. many blessings

Agam16 4/15/2024 stars Chat Reading

Nova is amazing! she is there for you! she knows the situation and will help you find a solution! woukd highly recommend Nova! thank you

Nova replied...

I love your energy and vibration, you are truly a wonderful soul and, I look forward to connecting with you again .... continue to keep a positive mind set and everything will be fine. Love & Light

EmpressT 4/12/2024 stars Chat Reading

Nova connected on the situation well.

Nova replied...

Thank you so much for connecting, looking forward to our next connection.

Consnce 4/11/2024 stars Chat Reading

MUST FAVORITE!!! Chat reading: Absolutely love this chat reading service! The connection was quick, and it required minimal details. The responses were prompt and direct, with no unnecessary filler. I felt like I received two readings in one because all my questions were thoroughly answered, prompting me to ask more. After inquiring about my career, the events unfolded exactly as described the next day. Additionally, I received valuable advice on when to reach out to my POI, and we’ve already scheduled a date night. This is coming from someone who typically doesn’t respond promptly to texts, but timing seemed to be key here. Will definitely return for more guidance and valuable insights!

Nova replied...

I absolutely loved our connection! You are so amazing, and I can't wait to connect again with you. This will be a powerful year for you.