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Psychic Nina x3558

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Featured Review Mint3465 12/23/2021 stars Phone Reading

WHAT A PHENOMENAL READER!! Look no further. I was floored at her accuracy. I have such a complex situation with my POI, but her accuracy was astounding. I just sat there and listened and she went to town. She was also so kind and quick. Please read her reviews as they are all accurate, and call her with confidence.

Louise8 11/28/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Nina for a wonderful & insightful reading. Not only did we get answers, but also the reason & why of our questions. It was healing for us to have a path to closure and peace. I look forward to exploring your recommendations.

sojourn 11/23/2023 stars Phone Reading

Wow. I had very specific questions. I got very specific answers. Nina can also further clarify information that is coming through during the reading. It all makes sense now. :) Just amazing.

chricy 11/22/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Nina

customer(s) found the following review helpful

Madsigan 11/21/2023 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for being my North Star and riding on the highs and lows with's been a long time and I'm hopeful the page is turning soon as you've seen. Much love to you Nina and Happy Thanksgiving!

Pancake 11/20/2023 stars Phone Reading

10 stars

MelissaN 11/16/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you again Nina! I will be back.

MelissaN 11/15/2023 stars Chat Reading

Nina is the real deal! Very accurate!

Colby413 11/13/2023 stars Chat Reading

FIVE STARS!! Nina was great. No sugar coating or beating around the bush. I felt an instant connection when we began and she perfectly summarized my situation. I was FLOORED that I was able to ask such broad questions and get such pointed answers. Thank you, Nina. You are amazing :)

Icefish 11/13/2023 stars Phone Reading

Nina is always amazing! She’s definitely been more accurate for me than she’s been wrong.