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Psychic Melea x7905

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Featured Review lindsay2283 6/12/2020 stars Phone Reading

Melea has an INCREDIBLE GIFT. What she provides during her reading is pinpoint accuracy with intricate details without you providing any information. Every time talking to her, I have been blown away with the information that she shares that she could never have possibly known unless I shared with her. She is initially quiet and first and may seem like she slow to respond at times, but she is actually honing in and will go to town once she is able to connect with you. Thank You again for sharing your gift!

Kathrynroam 7/30/2020 stars Phone Reading

She saw history clearly therefore I have more trust in what she sees for the future.

verus131 7/12/2020 stars Phone Reading

She was amazing...picked up on so many things will be calling her back

Dido_Di2525 7/12/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, Melea for helping me navigate this! I hope it all work out for the best! Thank you for being there and looking into it for me!! Will be back for an update!

Nikkilynn11 7/12/2020 stars Phone Reading

Excellent. Accurate reading of situation as well as personalities.

akp007 7/12/2020 stars Phone Reading

I love melea. She is always right

Beverly 7/5/2020 stars Phone Reading


travel123 7/5/2020 stars Phone Reading


MusicGirl 6/28/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for the unwavering prediction. I am keeping my faith. Thank you!

Dido_Di2525 6/28/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, Melea! She is an extremely gifted psychic, very patient and clear in a her prediction. She is detailed and extremely accurate!! Read with her once and you'll so much clarity and peace!!! Thank you!!!!! xoxo Will definitely come back :)