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Featured Review Ingrid1967 2/28/2021 stars Phone Reading


chrissy17 2/28/2021 stars Phone Reading

Sweet but was all over the place. Didn't pick up on certain details about poi that would correlate directly to the reading. She made some predictions so that's still pending. If her prediction is true, I will update with 5 stars.

LadyDiana10 2/21/2021 stars Phone Reading

I found Melea to be very accurate and gifted. She reads with clarity and is straightforward. Her predictions are for poi contact in 1 to 2 weeks and the situation changing in my favor going forward to the summer months. She saw us living together and eventually married. She saw that he wants to leave the area he is in completely and move towards me including job change. I have been told these events would happen by others too. Her timelines make the most sense. I will update as they happen. Thank you.

Echo18 2/13/2021 stars Phone Reading

Melea tuned in very quickly and was right about a lot of things.. I will have to wait a month for her predictions more to come

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pcates 2/7/2021 stars Phone Reading

my new favorite. does not mess around and try to prove herself. she is the real deal with real abilities that were so clear, accurate down to specific details that you cannot help but feel you are speaking with a true gifted professional. i will be calling her again. Definitely. Wow.....

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00723456 2/7/2021 stars Phone Reading

2 years ago Melea told me my ex was going to come back and i was going to have a choice. Last night my ex texted me and I have been talking to someone.

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TEW072 1/31/2021 stars Phone Reading

This was the best reading. She was so understanding, so calming, so balanced with everything she sensed good and bad. She really helped me out of a fog of getting so many conflicting readings that I didn't know what to believe and which direction to go. I appreciate her insight, she was so spot on about things. I appreciate her approach. She is definitely someone I will come back to for guidance!!

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Latricehall115 1/3/2021 stars Phone Reading

I Love Melea she's a Great Advisor and her Prediction was True. She picks up on things and takes her time to give a accurate reading!

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Tbaxter 12/27/2020 stars Phone Reading

She made me feel so much better about my situation! I'm waiting for prediction to come to pass, but she completely helped my anxiety about it. Her information calmed me and helped me to continue to have faith. Thank you!

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greenstreet 12/20/2020 stars Phone Reading

Melea always connects right away and always comes up with more details of my situation. I enjoy her gentle style of communication and her sense of humor. She is always accurate.