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Psychic Marlaina x3430

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Featured Review Ailina 11/6/2019 stars Phone Reading

I really like her style of reading. Marlaina zones into the energies. Thank you so much. You gave me so much clarity and love your explanation of what happened.

greenlantern 11/20/2019 stars Phone Reading

If you want truth and actual help. She is the one to guide you.

Geminifriend 11/6/2019 stars Phone Reading

Marlaina has great insight and is very positive to talk with. She is wise and helped me to gain better understanding of a love interest.

Geminifriend 11/6/2019 stars Phone Reading

Marlaina is wonderful, positive and very easy to talk to. Validated feelings I have about a love interest. Now, just have to wait and see if we are correct!

greenlantern 9/16/2019 stars Phone Reading

This woman is gifted. She is spot on with the reading of your energy and then guides you through healing your energy field. She is also able to send healing to everyone involved in the situation you inquire about. I call her first with everything.

greenlantern 8/26/2019 stars Phone Reading

She has the ability to change the energy around you as you are working with her. So powerful and uplifting. My situation improves everytime we speak.

LondonCalling87 8/17/2019 stars Chat Reading

She was nice, but she connected with things from the past not the present, so it made for a very odd reading. I don't want to be told how the person I was asking about was a few years ago, especially since circumstances have changed drastically since then.

greenlantern 8/15/2019 stars Phone Reading

Everytime we speak you nail it. It is awesome to have someone who can spiritually intervene in my messed up situation. I always get off the phone feeling relieved. Thanks for all you do.

spiritinme 8/9/2019 stars Phone Reading

Insightful, intuitive reader. Reads the situation in depth. I appreciate your honesty with the situation. Very accurate. Connects on a past life/soul level. Thank you.

Noche1953 8/9/2019 stars Phone Reading

Nice lady. Didn’t have much time. Connected well.