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Featured Review seaglassblue 4/9/2021 stars Phone Reading


pajoric 4/15/2021 stars Phone Reading

Incredible advisor

Cadell2643 4/14/2021 stars Phone Reading

A phenomenal reading with Liz. Liz answered all of my questions with accuracy and was very specific in how she explained mr situation. She is so humble snd well reserved. I feel so comfortable in talking with you. She gives you advice, examples and explains in great detail. Everything she is says comes true. Liz is a true friend and I look forward to chatting with her again. Thank you for all that you do.

nycmama 4/13/2021 stars Phone Reading


Cadell2643 4/8/2021 stars Phone Reading

Outstanding chat with Liz. It is a pleasure for me to chat with Liz and she already knows what is on my mind. Liz is so warm and friendly. She is honest and trustworthy. She gives the best advice and she is accurate with her advice. I treasure the friendship with Liz. I look forward to chatting with Liz again.

seaglassblue 4/5/2021 stars Phone Reading

Liz is really on point and was quick to answer my questions... I really appreciate what she shared and that she also thanks her spirits and I love that!

Cadell2643 4/5/2021 stars Phone Reading

Super reading with Liz. Liz knows how you feel and what is going on with your mind. She is understanding and wants to help you with your situation. Her advice is accurate and right on point. A true friend and I look forward to chatting with her again.

Cadell2643 3/31/2021 stars Phone Reading

Phenomenal reading with Liz. It is a wonderful feeling when your advisor is so happy to hear the wonderful news concerning your situation. All the advice Liz mentioned came true. She was accurate and right on point. I put my trust with Liz and she speaks the truth. I look forward to chatting with Liz again.

greenstreet 3/29/2021 stars Phone Reading

Liz's guidance is priceless. As an advisor, she is phenomenal. I love her caring and practical style. She always gives supportive philosophical examples when counseling. Her command of the English language is beyond compare. I always feel supported and more grounded after reading with Liz. She is always accurate. She truly cares and is such a patient soul. She is my number one go to. Her direction has been a blessing.

Thatgirl185 3/26/2021 stars Phone Reading

Always amazing!