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Featured Review Behonestplease 9/29/2023 stars Phone Reading

Wow! She picked up right away as to what happened with my poi and I that say. I’m in disbelief, she was so accurate. I literally sat in my car after the reading with my mouth open. She is so accurate….wow. Thanks Ivanka

Jeanari 2/24/2024 stars Chat Reading

Told me the truth, which I needed to hear. thank you

Honeybee916 2/24/2024 stars Phone Reading

Ivanka was amazing, she knew things about my situation that I had not told her. She was straightforward and made me feel like I’ve known her forever.I feel confident that the advise and information she gave me including timelines were correct.

sherjoy 2/23/2024 stars Phone Reading

Wow! I'd give Ivanka 10 stars if I could! She clearly saw my whole situation and gave me life- changing advice. Amazed and grateful!!

Rashaun30 2/23/2024 stars Phone Reading


customer(s) found the following review helpful

Creative_Hiccup 2/17/2024 stars Phone Reading

Ugh, Ivanka is ACCURATE. I say ugh because she sometimes tells me things that I wish weren't going to be true. But, she's been right and I knew in my heart she was right (I just really wanted a different outcome). SO when she tells me things that I'm actually happy to hear, I believe her. I look back on my notes from each of our calls. She's been damn near right on most things. She's clear, direct, kind, but doesn't sweet talk. She's also very judicious with your time. I don't ask her about timelines, but more about outcomes. And, she's been right. Call Ivanka if you are ready for the truth. She's kind and direct.

DianaLove 2/16/2024 stars Chat Reading

Ivanka was very straight to the point, quick, and accurate!

happiness2 2/13/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thanks Ivanka! you are so patient with me. I will keep you updated with this man.

lovespirit 2/11/2024 stars Phone Reading

The first sentence that Ivanka said to me, without me saying anything, was the reason that I called about!! That says a LOT to me about this lady and her psychic abilities!!

Santito 2/6/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thanks! Your truly gifted and genuine ?