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Featured Review DianaLove 8/11/2023 stars Chat Reading

Hope is your one if you need clarity or a more profound perspective on love, career, and more. I've met with her more than twice and It's always a great reading and always comes out to be true:) !

Hope replied...

Thank you for the wonderful review. It was a blessing to work with you again. Always here. Blessings and prayers-Hope

Donna2 2/27/2024 stars Chat Reading


Mantis 2/22/2024 stars Phone Reading

This was my very first reading. Hope helped me relax and feel comfortable, and she had some great insights for me. Thank you for your time and talent, Hope! Peace to you.

Hope replied...

Blessings! It was a great pleasure to work with you during our mediumship session. I highly appreciate you and your review. Thank you very much. Always here with love and light-Hope

Bright 2/21/2024 stars Chat Reading

Hope is blessed and king to help others. She made accurate predictions some time ago about my career change. I finally got a new job, which is consistent with her predictions. I feel hope after talking to her. Many thanks

Hope replied...

Congrats and blessings on your new job. So happy for you. Best wishes into 2024 with much abundance-Hope

Majin22 2/20/2024 stars Phone Reading

Love the time we had. Very touching. Hoping the predictions come true. A definite advisor to speak with. Much love

Hope replied...

Loved our connection and conversation. Please keep me posted on things. I have you in my prayers and positive thoughts-Hope

DianaLove 2/19/2024 stars Chat Reading

Spot on, honest, quick, and kind!

Hope replied...

Thank you so much for the review. I highly appreciate you. I thought we had a great connection, which produce great insights. Blessings with love and light-Hope

JabsGirl 2/18/2024 stars Phone Reading

This is my first reading and Hope picked up on my situation and I enjoyed the reading which was associated with a promotion. There were two negatives for me and the first is that I prefer an advisor that uses no tools and she did not rely on them but they were used and that sometimes cuts into the minutes but I totally understand its a part of some readers process to connect and/or clarify. The second is towards the end of the reading she offered in a very kind way advice but I was not seeking it. Overall, I would recommend her and believe the details provided were accurate.

Hope replied...

Blessings! Thank you for allowing me to be your advisor that day, along with your feedback. Overall, I am an advisor that uses tools or no tools depending on what is being guided with my spirit guides and angels to use in my sessions. Every session is always different and unique. Also, if a customer doesn't want me to use tools, then it's wise to say something before the session begins, so I know upfront. I am very mindful of people's time and energies, along with mine. Last, I'm also a life coach on this network, where I do all kinds of coaching, while using my psychic abilities to channel the best and honest answers for my customers. At the end, I am glad you are happy with your session. Please keep me posted. You are in my prayers and positive thoughts-Hope

Patches2018 2/14/2024 stars Phone Reading

It’s always such a pleasure speaking with Hope! She understands your concerns and she puts your mind at ease. She is quick to respond to what she feels. She is amazing!

Hope replied...

Always a pleasure when we connect and have a good conversation. I am happy that you received the insights that you were seeking. Always here. Blessings with love and light-Hope

Crysta700 2/12/2024 stars Phone Reading

I always enjoy talking to Mrs. Hope. She gives me a sense of clarity. Thank you

Hope replied...

Blessings! Always enjoy working with you as well. Please keep me posted with your progress this year. Happy Heart Month with love and light-Hope

Bright 2/11/2024 stars Chat Reading

Hope again thank you so much as you picked up on my situation. I love that you gave answers about the future I have not yet seen. Hope provides good insight, clarity and answers to the questions I asked.

Hope replied...

It was a pleasure to work with you again. You are in my prayers and positive thoughts-Hope