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Featured Review Miracles 7/28/2022 stars Chat Reading

Spot on! Quick and Accurate with every detail of my situation. Great guidance on what to do and expect. Great to talk to! Will be back for more help!

Hazel replied...

Thank you! It was great to talk with you as well :) Hope to hear from you again soon <3 Hazel

Lovinme 11/13/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you most definitely on point

Hazel replied...

You're welcome of course, and thank you so much ?? happy to help!

gemini0528 9/14/2023 stars Phone Reading

Hazel is always able to get in depth with current situation, giving clarity. Highly recommend!

confusedlife 9/11/2023 stars Phone Reading

I have been having readings from Hazel for more than a year. This is not my first review but I wanted to share that on my last reading what she said about my daughter blew my mind!! I spoke with my daughter and she was repeating Hazel's words about our situation which is shocking! Also about my POI same thing our communication got better it did happen this past weekend. Thank you Hazel. Please give her a try.

Diana214 7/21/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for your insights and guidance . You’re also nice to talk to, I’d be happy to get more readings from you.

Hazel replied...

You are so welcome! <3 I'd be happy to read for you again -Hazel

mnfirenrain 7/11/2023 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Hazel. You opened my eyes about me settling. Seeing it from a different point of view. I will work on that. Also confirming my intuition about my job. Very helpful insights.

Hazel replied...

Glad to hear our reading helped! Perspective is everything sometimes! <3 Hazel

Rancho 7/6/2023 stars Phone Reading

Hazel is very good. No nonsense to the point, but also kind. Overall accuracy with concerns on target. Thank you Hazel for sharing your gift and being real.

Hazel replied...

Thank you!! <3 Hazel

Oliver123 6/29/2023 stars Chat Reading

I have to give a mixed review here. She was helpful and seemed to be connected, and a lot of her descriptions were spot on. That said, the outcome hasn’t turned out to be as she said. I will update if that changes.

Hazel replied...

Futures change, sometimes even just you knowing what to expect will change the course forward because your perspective changes and so your actions change too. This is a chance you take when getting future readings, its the same with timelines as well. All that being said, I also encourage people to wait things out and see if things do turn out as expected longer term. Thank you for the honest and genuine review, I love those! <3 Hazel

confusedlife 6/28/2023 stars Video Reading

I have many readings within a year with Hazel and every time I have a reading with her I try to have my questions ready. She's very honest and tells you as it is. She told me that my divorce was coming sure enough I can see it coming! And about one of my daughters, her situation is also real and gave me very good advice. Her readings always impress me. She's very kind and always sends you very positive energy. I appreciate your advice and guidance. Thanks for your energy healing too.

Hazel replied...

You are so welcome <3 It is always a pleasure to read with you and connect for your highest good. The healing is happening in your life and things are sorting themselves through. Bit by bit you are moving toward a more settled and happy life. <3 Hazel

Roshi236 6/27/2023 stars Phone Reading

I had the pleasure of speaking with Hazel last night. She shed some light on some things that I had been questioning. She answered everything that I had asked her about promptly and she was direct about what she had to tell me. I will reach out to her again in the future.

Hazel replied...

I would love to read for you again in the future, I am so glad to hear that you appreciated my reading style as well. A good fit is important when working with a psychic. <3 Hazel