Psychic Eliza x7896

Psychic Eliza x7896

Honesty and Care

4½ stars

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Featured Review Faded23 2/7/2020 stars Phone Reading

Bang on accuracy. Doesn’t sugarcoat anything.

Heartandsoul 2/8/2020 stars Phone Reading

Love Eliza !! Her priority is for clients to be well informed accurately and honestly!! Thank you Eliza for the clarity .. your friendship , support and guidance through the years xxxoo Maria

Yangw1 2/6/2020 stars Phone Reading

So far predication came true. POI contacted me in Janruary. Waiting to see if her 2nd prediction will come true..that is poi will contact me in mid February.

HopefulCynic79 1/11/2020 stars Phone Reading

Good reading initially, but then we spent almost 5 minutes of my time arguing a point with her that I did not ask about and that's already happened and which I knew to be true. She felt that it did not actually happen and asked me what makes me so sure that he told me the truth, yet said when SHE asked him(?), he told HER "No". If Woman A approaches Woman B to tell her that her man recently cheated on her with Woman A and her man confirms this fact knowing that he could lose Woman B and will have to jump through hoops to get her trust back if she even takes him back, why would he actually lie about cheating? That part was disappointing.

Mochizh 1/9/2020 stars Phone Reading

She is a great advisor and is very compassionate with kindness. Talk to you soon. Mahalo

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Elle04 1/8/2020 stars Phone Reading

The last two times I've had a reading with her they seemed off. Usually, she's pretty spot on and her predictions in the past have even come true. The last two times seemed very generic like she didn't want to give me a specific answer because she didn't want to be held accountable if she was wrong. She did make some predictions this time too, but some were vague. I'll wait and see what happens with the one prediction that was more specific.

Ragnar5 1/3/2020 stars Phone Reading

She gets some of it, but I feel she is off with timing.

Gen9th666 1/3/2020 stars Phone Reading

I absolutely loved her! I wasted so much time on fakes. So glad I found her!

Gen9th666 1/2/2020 stars Phone Reading

She is amazing!!!! She gave me more information in 3 minutes then any other psychic. She is the real deal! I will not speak with anyone else ever! She made me a believer! Thank you so much

Gen9th666 1/2/2020 stars Phone Reading

She is amazing! I love her. She is the best