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Psychic Allora x4787 stars Phone Reading

Really vague and general, to the point of not being at all helpful for the reason I called, even after repeated requests to be specific and willingness to shift to new topics. Got the sense she was pulling cards and giving the general rather than an individualized interpretation of them, Not a good match for me, although I'm sure there are those she's meant to serve with her general information. Blessings to her and them.


Psychic Tillie x4807 stars Phone Reading

Tillie was incredible. She was clear, fast, accurate in reads of people and situations, and easy to talk with. I would definitely use again.


Psychic Theo x4673 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, Theo. I really appreciate you!!


Psychic Finley x4790 stars Phone Reading

Very pleased with my reading. She was clear, quick, accurate and respectful of my time. I will definitely use again.


Psychic Arthur x8237 stars Phone Reading

I enjoy your sense of humor so much! TY for the levity around my DIL. The system said you had an appointment scheduled soon - I couldn't extend. So until next time....


Psychic Amelia x9227 stars Phone Reading

I really appreciate Amelia and thoroughly enjoy the images she gets as guidance to convey messages. Thank you!


Psychic Rose x4726 stars Phone Reading

Rose was very good. Clear, quick, and respectful of my time - no questions were asked for her answers to flow freely. WIll definitely use again.


Psychic Fern x4669 stars Chat Reading

First time with Fern. She was crystal clear in her laser pointed answers, never asking me anything. She didn't add commentary nor waste my time in any way. I've always found spirit to be kind, loving & gentle no matter the message, with anything less than that being personality aspects of the person delivering the message. Fern was truly masterful with her delivery of sensitive information without sugarcoating anything. She wasn't as fast at "chatting" as some, but given all of her plusses I'll definitely use her again for her insights on circumstances - and for guidance on direction, too, if her current predictions come to pass. TY Fern!


Psychic Misty x7330 stars Phone Reading

I appreciated my first reading with Misty. She was accurate, quick and clear. I'm looking forward to her predictions coming true.


Psychic Tallis x3403 stars Phone Reading

Tallis is a gem and I truly appreciate her.