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Psychic Crystal x8074

Psychic Crystal x8074

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Psychic Crystal Ratings & Reviews

1632 reviews since Feb 2010

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Featured Review Ragnar5 12/31/2020 stars Phone Reading

Love Crystal. She has been great with me. Very positive and accurate

Lookupon 6/7/2024 stars Phone Reading

Chin is up, trying to stay positive, I am struggling so hard right now, thank you for your support and kindness, looking ahead can not wait until the cake is ready for the icing. Million thank you’s

Crystal replied...

Thank You To my Special Lady, You try so hard to be brave and over look the waiting time. But the Cake is ready to be iced and the journey to happiness is just a phone call away. Try to see the future, there is love in it for you....Blessings

tictactoe 6/5/2024 stars Phone Reading

Right as usual! Thursday it is.

Crystal replied...

I'm OVER THE MOON FOR YOU , So happy you have finally landed in your rocking chair job .... Blessings

Lookupon 6/3/2024 stars Phone Reading

This is such a struggle for me at this present moment, I am exhausted with all my insecurities, but I am propelling me forward, wish I could see the bigger picture. Thank you for assisting me and most of all calming me when I get out of sorts

Crystal replied...

Thank You You have a beautiful future in front of you and Journeys are not always easy, but yours has a wonderful ending. Your a strong lady and I know you can do it.....Blessings

jewelsbymia 5/31/2024 stars Phone Reading

This reading was much more clear and precise as far as details and the reason and the action behind the inaction that I'm currently going through in my situation she was able to give insight on that and how I should best proceed. I really appreciate that

Crystal replied...

Thank You, Seeing the bigger picture, can help guide us to success in our life. This is a perfect dream come true for you , it comes it two parts You are ready for part two....Blessings

Lookupon 5/29/2024 stars Phone Reading

I am so happy TO have found you, I am a little better, keeping my fingers off the phone, only called 1 after, don’t need anyone else. Just want my sweet bear. Wish my cake was done. Thank you again

Crystal replied...

Thank You , I see so much happiness coming your way, and you deserve every bit of it, Your Sweet/Caring/Pretty/Funny, and well your the whole package. and I know someone that thinks your PERFECT. Cake coming soon...Blessings

pinksalt 5/26/2024 stars Phone Reading

Really, really sweet person. I did not feel that she picked up on things accurately, unfortunately, and also gave some really strange advice. Nothing harmful, just really odd, lol. It could just be that we didn't connect on a personal level, so it's possible you may have a great, very trusted connection with Crystal. Nothing resonated for me. And nothing personal toward her. :)

Crystal replied...

Thank You So Sorry I did not please you in your reading, It was your first reading with me You called be back to back,, that day so I thought we where on the same page, but it seems by your review that I was not hitting what you where looking for. I hope another advisor can bring your more of what you are looking for ... blessings

Lookupon 5/26/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, I feel more confident this evening , walked 8 miles today. Staying away from everything in my town for right now . Can’t wait to eat that cake.

Crystal replied...

Thank You I know that cake will be the highlight of this journey and we need to keep busy while it's baking, . You can use this time to prepare the setting for a fabulous new life. We are changing the way we look at life for the better. Keep walking to your new future...Blessings

Lookupon 5/24/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for helping, trying to get my power back but coming back in very small steps, it will get here soon I hope

Crystal replied...

Thank You, You are becoming very strong and I'm proud of how you are forging through this, Don't give up now you are to close to the prize...Blessings

greg68 5/24/2024 stars Phone Reading

very accurate predictions come true

Crystal replied...

Thank You, It's about time that happiness steps on your door step. and I'm happy to here, that things are starting to come forward in your life.... Blessings