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Marie1185 8/27/2022 stars Phone Reading

Has a different perspective. Is kind and does care.

Coventina replied...

Thank you, I enjoyed our connection very much. I am wishing you all the happiness you deserve. I look forward to speaking with you again whatever your future needs may be. Hugs, Coventina, Ex 4805

gatablanca7 8/18/2022 stars Phone Reading

She is the best, I will recommend 100% no regrets. Didn’t ask questions and she was able to know exactly what was going on, very kind and respectful. She knows what she is doing! Thanks Coventina!

Coventina replied...

Thank yo, I love how well we connect for your sessions. I am encouraging you to keep up good faith that all will be well in the near future. Things will evolve slowly due to circumstances but the resolutions will benefit you very much.

VirtuousM 8/8/2022 stars Phone Reading

Hello Conventina, I appreciate your willingness to delve in with the amount of time I had. You were on point about the first guy I asked about. He is deceased so yes he has definitely moved on. As you stated; you said moved and moved on; but either way no he will not be calling. So you were absolutely correct. As far as”R” hope everything you stated is correct. I believe what you stated will happen. Thanks

Coventina replied...

Hi, Thank you for confirming my reading. I appreciate the news. I will look forward to chatting again soon as things develop in your partnership desires. I am always here for you to help you chart your course. Wishing you all the Best, Coventina, Ext 4805

Shontay03 8/4/2022 stars Phone Reading

Conventina shows great compassion,while being honest & straightforward. Everything she has spoke of has been accurate,she definitely one of my favorite! And,I will continue to reach out to her whenever I need speak to the other side,or just need a reading.

Coventina replied...

Hello , Thank you for your love and support. I truly am inspired by the beauty that comes through for you from your beautiful family member on the other side. I am thrilled to be able to create that special connection for the two of you. I look forward to using my abilities to keep you two connected for a long time to come. Warm Wishes, Coventina, Ext 4805

Jennifer1963 8/1/2022 stars Phone Reading

Coventina gave me a wonderful reading! She was spot on before when I had a reading in March and again today. I will certainly get another reading from her! It also helps that Coventina is kind and sweet! Thank you again!

Coventina replied...

Hello , Thank you very much for your love and support of my services here on Psychic Source. I really love connecting and am eager to be an active support for your beautiful journey and life path. Warm Regards, Coventina, Ext 4805

cuirrouge 6/18/2022 stars Phone Reading

Lovely to speak to with! I feel so in-tuned with her and her lovely energy and I’ll definitely keep her updated thank you for your reading!

Coventina replied...

Hello, I truly enjoyed our connection as well! Thank you for brightening up my week. I'm eager to hear your news the next time we chat. Until then enjoy the summer and try to make time to play and have some fun. XXO Coventina, Ext 4805

rosanne 6/4/2022 stars Phone Reading

She was right on point. Great reading.

Coventina replied...

Hi Rosanne, It was a real pleasure to read for you. I wish you all the best outcomes in life and love. I will look forward to keeping up with your news. Let me know when the time is right. Warmly, Coventina

VirtuousM 5/24/2022 stars Phone Reading

My reading with Coventina was interesting. She mentioned and picked up on someone in my life who is a Capricorn and also stated that this person is controlling. This is totally the guy I will leave eventually. I clarified that this is the person I wish to leave and not the one I asked about. Wow, she picked on this and that was impressive. So many advisors would say Capricorns and Scorpios are a good match but not in my case. Anyway the fact she mentioned these two things were good. She also picked up on something else that was pertinent about me which was correct. I hope what she said about poi and I (not the Capricorn) is correct. All in all this was a good reading. I can tell she was really working and using her gifts. It’s nice to speak with someone who really expresses and uses their gifts honestly.

Coventina replied...

Hi, Thank you for your support of my reading style and accuracy, I truly appreciate it . I will look forward to reading for you again as your journey progresses. Best of luck with all the changes you intend to bring into your life. Love and Blessing Coventina.

greatlove 4/30/2022 stars Phone Reading

Glad we had a chance to talk the other night. With all the crazy energy and crazy situations going on good to have confirmation on things. Trying to separate feels in all this is a bit difficult, thanks

Coventina replied...

Hi Marge, Thank you for the review and feedback. I always feel so inspired by your amazing journey. The energy is really ramping up lately and a lot of progress is expected over the next few months. Hold onto your hat! I'll be here for you & John. XO Coventina

Vanessa 4/29/2022 stars Phone Reading

So much validation, Coventina. Thank you! Amazing how long I have been second guessing my decisions. Thank you*

Coventina replied...

Hi Vanessa, Thank YOU for a wonderful session. I am excited about your choices and the magic you are creating. Keep in touch. I'll be eager to hear your news. Love and Hugs Coventina