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Psychic Amanda x9695 stars Chat Reading

Always a pleasure!!!!!! Amanda is like a good friend XX


Psychic Marlaina x3430 stars Chat Reading

Your terrific and I missed you whilst away. Honest and open with a good sense of humour XX


Psychic Marlo x4659 stars Chat Reading

Fantastic reader. Very straight forward and kind. Her insight to my situation was spot on. It was my pleasure to speak with Marlo.... and will again


Psychic Juliette x9440 stars Chat Reading

Juliette is the most beautiful person inside and out... Her insight was very accurate to my situation and her manner was extremely caring and genuine.. Thankyou xxx


Psychic Amanda x9695 stars Chat Reading

Amanda is fantastic.. Her humour and relaxed methods of delivering her reading made me feel like I could be myself.... like a true best friend :) xx


Psychic Amanda x9695 stars Chat Reading

I’ve already told you but I’ll say it for all to see..... you are the BEST!!! Amanda is very clear and insightful. Thankyou so much for beautiful nature. Xx


Psychic Serenity x9213 stars Chat Reading

Words cannot describe how fantastic Serenity was throughout my reading! Not only was she fast and accurate with my situations but she also referenced books I should read and further advice on my forward journey. Thankyou very very much Serenity x


Psychic Kimberle x8608 stars Chat Reading

It is always a pleasure to speak to Kimberle. She is like a best friend! Her connection with me and my situation is a great comfort to me. I look forward to our next conversation x


Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Chat Reading

Seraphina has very clear straightforward communication. I trust her. There is something about her knowledge of my situation that brings me great comfort.


Psychic Stella x7343 stars Chat Reading

Stella Thankyou, you have the kindest manner. I can feel that xx your connection with me and my situation felt very strong. All the very best to you and yours xxxx