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Psychic June x3606 stars Chat Reading

I had another reading with June. I was again amazing at how accurate she was. She said the same exact thing the POI said to me. If you have not given this lady a try, please do so. You will not be disappointed. She amazes me each time I have a reading with her. She is so compassionate at what she does. She tells you the truth. What she told was not bad. I can't wait to have another reading with her because I had to cut it short. Thanks again June for your honesty. I greatly appreciate it.


Psychic June x3606 stars Chat Reading

I want to say how empowering June is. She is lady of truth. If you want to know the truth and no sugar coating, this is woman to go to. I was amazed and what she picked up on with the POI and the questions I asked her. She tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. I can tell you for a fact she is true and genuine by how she reads. She told me things that there is no way she would know. She also told me things that was hard to hear but I needed to hear it. Time frames are time frames. Energies can change so keep that in mind. My reading in overall was very good. I look forward to having another reading with this amazing lady. I could not recommend her enough. You will not be disappointed but go into your reading with a open heart and mind. She is a fast typist! Thank you again June. You are greatly appreciated.


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Psychic Barbara x7866 stars Chat Reading

I have been having readings with Barbara for years. She never leads me on with POI or anything in life. She will tell me the truth each time, of course sometimes it's not what we want to hear, but what we need to hear. She has helped me in ways that I can't thank her enough. She does not judge me if I ask something crazy or tell her something crazy that went on. She opens her arms up and tries to help. She reads energies and she reads them well. Please don't hesitate to reach out to her. You won't regret it. She has helped given my life balance. She is a gem and will have me as a client for life.


Psychic Stasch x9303 stars Chat Reading

Stasch is a super nice guy! So compassionate but can deliver a reading in a humble and modest way. I will be coming back to him for another reading.


Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Chat Reading

Christopher is real. He doesn't sugar coat anything. He honestly tries to help me and the way I should approach the POI. He has told me things only I would know. I can't wait to have my next session with him. He is very compassionate and very patient with me.


Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Chat Reading

I had a reading with this man. Everything that he explained to me made sense. This man is the REAL DEAL. He doesn't tell you want you want to hear, but what you need to hear. He picked up on things that I would only know. I love his humor. He used cards and man they were right on the money. I will be back to have another reading. Thank you.


Psychic Eva x4756 stars Chat Reading

Another amazing reading with Eva. She can pick up on so much. I don't give her clues at all. She knows the other person's personality and what they are thinking. Eva amazes me with her abilities to pick up so much info. If you have not given her a try she is worth every penny... Eva also is sincere and will not sugar coating anything. She has a way of telling you the not so good news in a very genuine way. RIght now it's the wait and be patient. Thank you so much Eva for opening my eyes up. Will be back for another reading.


Psychic Eva x4756 stars Chat Reading

I had my first reading with Eva and she was beyond amazing. All I told her was the POI name and she picked up on so much. She could feel this POI emotions like no other. She was very detailed in her reading and didn't sugar coat anything. She said it's going to take patience on my end. She is the real deal! This will not be my last reading with her. If you have not had a reading with this lady, please do so..You will not be disappointed.


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Psychic Barbara x7866 stars Chat Reading

Barbara is my go to for everything. She is so caring and wants the best for all her clients. She is a genuine reader and will let you know if it's a good match or not. She is very humble and will help you in anyway she can. Just chatting with her gives me a piece of mind. She is always right on everything I ask. She is such a gem and blessing.


Psychic Angel x4799 stars Chat Reading

I had another great reading with this beautiful soul. She can pick up on things that only I would know. She is very legit and does not sugar coat news to your liking. She is very real and I love that about her. She has a genuine way of telling you the bad news without your anxiety going through the roof. I love her style of reading and she always nails everything on the head.