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Featured Review chevy1971girl 6/22/2020 stars Phone Reading

My First reading and am very pleased with her energy and forwardness. She was able to tell me alot of stuff and I will definitely be calling her again! It helped me during this anxious time I am having. Thank you!!

Nastalga28 11/17/2020 stars Phone Reading

Annaleigh was AMAZING!! For my first ever psychic reading, I was a little skeptical when she started off with a comment that was incorrect, but I quickly saw why she had that thought, so she wasn't entirely wrong! Everything she said about my current life was so spot on and I will definitely be calling her back! I would, and have, recommended her to anyone interested!

sterlingday11 11/15/2020 stars Phone Reading

I found Annaleigh to be very articulate and spot in with her insight and ability to see my situation. She gave me the clarity to be able to file things away, so that I may move and process forward. The truth really does set one free. Thank you for affording me that today.

Annaleigh replied...

The enchanting wonders of letting GO. Our doors open so gently to the new horizon and new beginnings of the wisdom that letting go teaches. So salute your courage! " The Truth is rarely pure and never simple" Oscar Wilde.

Emily1 11/4/2020 stars Phone Reading

She was very kind and understanding of my situation. She provided clarity for things I am currently experiencing

Annaleigh replied...

" To thine own self be true" Shakespeare. My goodness this simple statement says it all. Remember you have excellent core values and the sweet wisdom to resolve conflict in your daily life. Your honesty and integrity makes you fabulous!

Swishard 11/3/2020 stars Phone Reading

Loved talking to Annaleigh. She is amazing and caring. She listens to you and gives you honest answers. I will be calling her back soon.

Annaleigh replied...

Self-discovery is knocking at your door! Remember your are not an ambivalent participant but instead a brave person on a can do mission. At your crossroad there is ample opportunity for reflection and change. You are explorer!

Bellatrix0628 11/2/2020 stars Phone Reading

Hand over heart, my reading with Annaleigh was very insightful. I feel relieved of mental burdens I'd been holding on to for a long. I found her to be clear and direct, which for me is greatly appreciated. I'm extremely grateful we were able to connect.

Annaleigh replied...

Your compassion and mindfulness makes you the most considerate person and yes the universe hears your request. " Compassion is the wish for another being to be free from suffering; love is wanting them to have happiness. " Dalai Lama

Shikari 10/29/2020 stars Phone Reading

Annaleigh is a kind and wise soul that clued in quickly to my personality, situation and emotions. More powerful to me than the words she spoke was the healing presence she exudes so effortlessly. She took me from despair to hope in just a few minutes. An example for anyone who does readings to follow.

Annaleigh replied...

Learning to understand our essential goodness gives us purity and true wholeness which you are well on your way! Your right path is unique to you and only you. Celebrate your choices and let fear fade. Stillness fosters awareness and forward thinking!

RobinU 10/27/2020 stars Phone Reading

Annaleigh, thank you for today with everything that’s going on in the universe right now my head is spinning and I was out of control and feeling depressed, like I have no control over my life. Reminding me that this week is really going to be rough on me Especially being a Scorpio I can’t remember when I felt this type of feeling like I can’t get ahold of my feeling. Thank you for being there and helping see that this will pass. Now if I can just get through this week.

Annaleigh replied...

At the end of the day you will be victorious my lovely brave woman and your strength is inspirational. Grateful after all these years of doing readings for you that you come back with trust to Psychic source and myself. Your Kind heart and unbreakable character has molded your ability to overcome.

Grandma 10/24/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you

Grandma 10/24/2020 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for an excellent reading.

Annaleigh replied...

What surprise and delight it was to doing reading with another very intoxicating brilliant person whom has no restrictions in their manifesting. May your path illuminate brightly.