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Psychic Eliza x7896 stars Phone Reading

Good reading initially, but then we spent almost 5 minutes of my time arguing a point with her that I did not ask about and that's already happened and which I knew to be true. She felt that it did not actually happen and asked me what makes me so sure that he told me the truth, yet said when SHE asked him(?), he told HER "No". If Woman A approaches Woman B to tell her that her man recently cheated on her with Woman A and her man confirms this fact knowing that he could lose Woman B and will have to jump through hoops to get her trust back if she even takes him back, why would he actually lie about cheating? That part was disappointing.


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Psychic Christopher x3373 stars Phone Reading

Decent reading. Fairly vague on details when I asked him about my career. Some of the details were accurate regarding my POI as far as how he is and things he's done in the past; however, when it came to answering my specific questions, I did not get clear answers. He took awhile to answer and did not give me any future information, only things about the past which I already knew. That's probably why the career details were vague because I asked about the future there too. :-(


Psychic Gemini x3084 stars Phone Reading

She started the reading by saying what she thinks my POI is feeling right now and said that she sees us progressing forward over the next year but that I’d have to put my foot down about some things he was doing. She did not know that we were broken up or that he broke things off. She said to give it a couple of months and I told her that he and I are booked on a trip in a couple of months but now are not together. She said that she did not know if we would still go on the trip together because it would be my choice if I let him but he still wants to go.


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Psychic Nicholas x3532 stars Phone Reading

He said that he saw things starting back up with my POI and that we’d have a good time together and afterward he might disappear again and still won’t be ready to commit. Things actually never started back up at all. We talked over the phone for a few days and then he broke things off with me by saying nothing that we had or were doing was anything he wanted. I haven’t seen him in weeks. Another false reading. :(


Psychic Arthur x8237 stars Phone Reading

Asked about two POIs and his predictions didn’t pan out. He did comment about one of them not being over an ex though, and that’s something I’ve felt 3 stars it is.


Psychic Raina x3342 stars Phone Reading

OMG I didn’t ask her about anyone in particular but she hit my current POI right on the head with her description of him, what he does for a living and the baggage he’s carrying before he ever even reached out to me. I didn’t put two and two together until I went back over my notes from the reading to see that she’d described him to a T and gave almost the exact timeframe as to when we’d actually meet/connect. I will definitely be calling back to get updates about him and I and look forward to those future readings with you.


Psychic Noah x9084 stars Phone Reading

This reading happened months ago, but it’s just starting to make sense. At the time I received it, it felt way too vague to be of use to me. Now that things have played out a bit, I think I know who the 2 men are. The 1st one had hollow words with no follow-through just as predicted. The 2nd one is just starting to make his mark. Only time will tell how things ultimately play out but we have been in the same places at the same time and just didn’t connect then. I’ll call again to get an update about him from you soon.


Psychic Pearl x7638 stars Phone Reading

She connected with my POI again and gave me a lot of details about his personality and mannerisms. The timing was off on this reading unfortunately.


Psychic Pearl x7638 stars Phone Reading

Great reading as before. The last time she got the day right on the nose as to when my bf would reach back out after our fight. I'm hopeful that she's exactly right again this time. She remembered speaking to me before. She is fast and pretty good with the details as to what I'm experiencing with the different personalities of my bf. LOL. I recommend her 1000% if you're looking for a great reading that doesn't use up a lot of your funds.


Psychic Arthur x8237 stars Phone Reading

He connected to us, but his prediction was off. It's been a month since the shift in treatment was predicted to happen, and I'm still waiting. Disappointed with the timeline but he did pick up on some things with him and our relationship.