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Psychic Yulie x4788

Psychic Yulie x4788

Intuitive Psychic Empath


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  • Total Readings
  • 2,246 since August 2021
  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Clairvoyant, Love Psychic
  • Tools: Angel Cards, Tarot, Can Read Without Tools
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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  • Career & Finances - 18
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 13
  • Loss & Grieving - 3
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 35

More About Yulie

Years of Experience: 5

I have been working as a psychic for the past four years. Throughout my journey, I have developed a diverse range of abilities that include being intuitive, empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, a channeler, and even precognitive. These gifts have allowed me to specialize in various areas such as love, career, family and friends, pets, and general guidance.

When it comes to my readings, I utilize a combination of tools such as Tarot and Oracle cards, although I can also connect directly without any tools. My motivation to work as an advisor stems from my desire to help people. I strongly believe that my gifts were meant to be shared with others, and I find joy in bringing clarity, enlightenment, and a fresh perspective to those who seek my guidance.

In a reading with me, clients can expect accurate predictions, practical advice, a renewed sense of hope, new information, and validation of their own intuition. I strive to create a compassionate and understanding environment, where I can truly connect with individuals and listen to their concerns. My caring nature and intuitive abilities enable me to provide the support and guidance needed to navigate through life's challenges.

As for my personality, I am a friendly and good listener, always ready to lend an empathetic ear to those who come to me. I take pride in my ability to truly understand the emotions and experiences of others. In my reading style, I am known for my compassion, as I genuinely care about the well-being and happiness of my clients.

What makes me unique extends beyond my psychic abilities. I have a deep love for travel, finding inspiration and energy in exploring new places. It allows me to broaden my horizons and gain a deeper understanding of the world. Additionally, I am a proud owner of two beloved cats, who bring joy and companionship into my life.

I am here to guide and support you on your journey. Together, we can uncover the answers you seek and find the clarity and direction you need to move forward

Words of Wisdom

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

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45 reviews since Aug 2021

Venusgirl 5/28/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for the reading. I appreciate it. I feel the information you provided correct. Please message if something else come through

moonlight87 3/22/2024 stars Phone Reading

So glad I got to speak to Yulie. She really can see into your situation. She’s truly gifted and she will make you feel so comfortable to speak about what you’re wanting to see about.

pvetta7360 3/10/2024 stars Phone Reading

my emotions were all over the place Thank You so much for giving me clarity on what is to come I am so happy I was guided by you the first time speaking to you feel like I have known you forever you have a pleasant spirit I feel so eased waiting on my future prediction again thank you so much for my guidance message I appreciated ???? you will be hearing from me again.. LOVE AND LIGHT ????

HopefulCynic79 3/8/2024 stars Phone Reading

Thanks so much for the reading Yulie! Your reading left me feeling some type of way so it prompted me to reach out my POI and TRY to officially cut him loose but he wasn't feeling that similar to what you said. lol. The convos since them have probably changed the trajectory of some things and maybe shifted some of the energy you were feeling during the reading, so I'll be reaching out at some point for another update. Maybe by then you'll be able to see if the May energy you picked up on was really him or not. We'll see how things continue to unfold and I'll follow up during our next call. Thanks again!

moonlight87 2/17/2024 stars Phone Reading

I just had my first reading with Yulie. She was absolutely amazing! So in tune with what was going on and she resonated with me so well. Thank you Yulie! I appreciate you very much so.

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