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Psychic Britt x6032

Psychic Britt x6032

Clairvoyant, best selling author


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  • 130 since February 2024
  • Specialties: Clairvoyant, Intuitive/Empath
  • Tools: Tarot, Can Read Without Tools
  • Reading Style: Thoughtful

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More About Britt

Years of Experience: 3

Hello, I'm Britt, and I've dedicated the last three years of my life to embracing and honing my abilities as a psychic. My journey into the realm of spirituality and intuition hasn't been a conventional one, yet it has been profoundly fulfilling, guiding me to a path where I can share my insights and empathic understanding with others.

I specialize in clairvoyance and intuitive empathy, skills that allow me to connect with individuals on a deep and meaningful level. Whether through the use of tarot cards or simply tuning into my intuition, my goal is to provide readings that are not only thoughtful and insightful but also concise and to the point. This ability to swiftly connect with my guides ensures that every session is imbued with clarity and purpose.

My work as an advisor is driven by a profound commitment to helping others navigate their spiritual journeys. Having conducted over 60 interviews on international radio, TV, and podcasts, I've had the privilege of discussing spiritual matters with a wide audience, further enriching my understanding and approach to psychic readings.

When you come to me for a reading, expect to receive guidance that is not only reflective and knowledgeable but also articulated with care and precision. My style is inherently thoughtful and concise, ensuring that you gain the clarity and insight needed to move forward on your path.

My life has been a tapestry of unique experiences that have shaped my intuitive and empathic abilities. From writing two books to working on movies with A-list celebrities, and living abroad for over 25 years, my worldly experiences have provided me with a rich perspective on human nature and spirituality. Yet, what truly sets me apart is not just my professional achievements but my personal journey.

Spiritual experiences have been a constant throughout my life, but it was in 2021, following the loss of my beloved mother, that I experienced a profound supernatural event. This moment was a turning point, leading me to fully embrace my calling as a psychic advisor. It was a reminder that within moments of great loss, we can also find our greatest purpose.

I believe that my readings should serve as a mirror, reflecting your own intuition and wisdom back to you, helping you to see your path more clearly. My approach is to be as reflective, deep, and empathetic as possible, providing insights that resonate with your soul's journey.

I invite you to join me in a reading, where together, we can explore the depths of your questions and uncover the insights and clarity you seek. With my guidance, rooted in a lifetime of spiritual experiences and professional dedication, you'll find the support and understanding you need to navigate your path with confidence and peace.

Words of Wisdom

Imagination, is the beginning of creation - George Bernard Shaw.

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8 reviews since Feb 2024

emtemt 4/16/2024 stars Chat Reading

Helpful reading and insights from Britt! He's very responsive, patient and intuitive, sharing with me what he knows to help clearing my multiple questions in different aspects. Resonates well. I am sure his tips and insights will be helpful in my understanding and further exploration! Chat soon!

Icefish 4/9/2024 stars Chat Reading

Brit was very detailed and his chat reading very well resonated with me. I’d definitely try him again.

Bahamutia 3/17/2024 stars Chat Reading

What a great first chat with Britt! He gave me such detailed answers and he was both compassionate and professional. I definitely would want to come back to him when I need more clarity!

buterfly 3/16/2024 stars Chat Reading

Interesting chat... not sure I can pin point all the topics Britt mentioned but we will see...

kennebee 3/14/2024 stars Chat Reading

Britt gave great and detailed insight! Everything said truly resonated and I'm very happy with my reading.

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