Why The Future Can’t Always Be Foretold by Psychic Sara

Published Date 2/20/2013
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Sometimes the future is meant to be hidden

Sometimes when doing a reading for a client, the answer to a specific question is not available. Why not? You may ask. Psychics bring in and read information in many different ways: through clairvoyance (visions), through clairaudience (sounds and words), through clairsentience or empathy (emotions and sensations), with the aid of Tarot, I-Ching, Astrology, and the list goes on. Even with all these skills, tools, and abilities, sometimes the answer is not available because the psychic and the client are not supposed to know the answer.
When this happens, I feel that it is because there are lessons that the client needs to learn or a decision that needs to be made before that answer will become available. The future is predictable as long as the energies of the people involved and the prevailing energies of the situations are not changing or shifting very much. When energies are shifting, in the client or someone else, the shifting can by felt by the psychic. Your psychic may even be able to sense which way the shifting is leaning, but a clear answer may still not be available. There is something that needs to be learned or a decision that is up in the air needs to be made.

Sometimes the future is supposed to be unknown. If this is the case when you are talking to your psychic, you can ask him/her what it is that might need to take place first, for that is a nearer future that will help bring you closer to the answer to your question about the future.

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Angie71: Thank you for posting this Sara~ I am a new psychic to this site but not new to my psychic abilities and gifts. It is sometimes difficult to convey this gently to some clients. This is a wonderful expression of how psychic and metaphysical energies flow. ~Namaste, From Psychic Angie x7042

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