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Tools for Predicting the Future

Date 7/18/2022
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Psychic Predictions and the Use of divinatation Tools

There are many pathways to predicting the future, from practicing meditation and opening one's Third Eye Chakra, to developing one's intuition, to psychic divination, to learning how to make use of special psychic gifts.

Divination tools help seers use and develop their psychic abilities. For some seers, both experienced as well as novice, using a divination tool helps to focus one's mind and suggest pathways to explore. Symbols and images on cards can provide clues, as well as the movement of energy against an object, such as a pendulum or dowsing rod. Micro movements and subtle symbology can offer unmistakable meaning to the skilled interpreter.

What is a divination tool? Are Divination Tools stage props, or magical?
Actually, divination tools are neither, although the stereotype of images appearing in crystal balls or puffy wisps of smoke from bowls of water make for good Hollywood productions. A divination tool in of itself means nothing. In the context of a reading, it is the combination of the psychic, the client and the tool and the energetic connection of the moment, that opens the door to new insight and information and helps improve the reader's psychic ability. The tool does not predict the future; the reader does based on all the information at hand.

Tap into your psychic ability by using divination tools
Do you think you might be psychic? Many people are, if even just a little. One way to develop your own psychic abilities is to become a student of symbolism and divination tools. Next time you pass a metaphysical bookshop, consider stopping in to look at their selection of pendulums, crystals and cards. Notice what you're drawn to - tarot decks, oracle cards, angel cards, medicine cards - there are so many options to choose from! Look at the imagery, feel the weight of your cards in your hands, tune into what speaks to you. You may find that your psychic receptors are very alive and well!

How to develop your psychic abilities using divination tools
There are are so many different types of divination tools to choose from, don’t be afraid to try several to find the right one for you.  Don’t get discouraged if the first one doesn’t seem to speak to you, keep trying, you will find the best divination tool that fits with your energy.

The different divination tools can be broken down into groups.  

There are the cards, such as the Tarot, Oracle, Angel and other specific sets of cards that are all used in spreads laid out before you.  Each set has different symbols and images which convey meanings that are used to tap into your subconscious to unlock the connection to the information you are seeking.  These are great tools to develop your own sense of clairvoyance, or ability to sense and see things you cannot with the naked eye. 

There are also Scrying tools such as crystal balls and scrying mirrors.  These are used in conjunction with meditation to quiet your mind and allow messages to come through in the form of images and symbols which transmit the information you are seeking.   These tools are excellent to develop claircognizance, or inner knowing, as well as learning to trust your own intuition.

There are tools that tap into your physical aura such as Pendulums, Dowsing Rods and Ouija boards.  These tools provide a bridge between your physical aura and the energy and knowledge around you.  Each of these tools will move in some way to indicate the answers for the questions you are asking.  They are also wonderful ways to practice and develop your own clairsentience, the ability to connect to feelings, either physical or emotional, and clairtangency, the ability to see through touching.

Finally there are tools that are used through casting or throwing of items such as Runes, bones, crystals, and I Ching coins or sticks.  The patterns and layout where the various tools fall allow for the reading of their meaning.  These tend to be more regimented than the other tools, with each symbol meaning something different, and where they fall can be just as significant in learning the answers you wish to discover, as the symbol itself.  These tools lend themselves well for people with an analytical mind and many people who are drawn to astrology and the study of stars are drawn to these types of tools.

Some of these tools are ancient methods of divination, while others are relatively new.  The connecting factor is that they all allow you to tap into your own powers to develop your own skills of divination.  Practice will help you understand yourself and your abilities, as well opening your mind to knowledge that is sometimes hard to tap into without a tool.

Video Transcript

Narnia: The art of divination is the use of a tool in order to see the future.

Brodi: And dousing is the process of utilizing, for example, a pendulum, you can use a necklace, you can use a string with a clip at the end of it, and I particularly like to use Yes/No cards. There are so many different types of card readings. There’s angel cards, oracle cards.

Leslie: Oracle cards are an ancient divination system that are very closely linked to tarot. Many more people have heard of tarot cards than oracle cards.

Narnia: The way I consider tools of divination to work is that they are like a key in a lock. They are what taps into a reader’s ability to see the future.

Leslie: And you’re essentially reacting to the symbolism on the card, and that gives additional context for the question. So I look to the numbers that are on the cards, the colors that are being utilized, the other themes that are on the cards to add additional context for the answer and what I’m getting psychically from my spirit guides and guardian angels.

Narnia: It’s a combination of the psychic and the tool together. The cards mean nothing, just like a violin sitting on a shelf can make no music by itself, but once a talented musician picks up that violin, it can make magic. It’s a combined musical score between me, the cards, and you to make something beautiful happen.


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