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Lost Objects Guided Meditation: Podcast to Find Lost Items by Psychic Amber

Date 11/23/2022
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Misplacing an important item can be so frustrating! Take a deep breath and try this guided meditation by Psychic Amber to help you find lost objects.


Before we start our guided meditation to connect and find lost objects, things, people, or pets it is important to understand the immense power behind meditation and how to utilize this powerful tool to create and manifest your dreams and desires. More importantly, it is one of the most powerful tools to retrieve and find lost objects.

Meditation:  A Powerful Manifestation Tool to find and attract things

Meditation is an immensely powerful tool that not just integrates the Body, Mind/Soul & Spirit constellation but it also aligns your own energy with the Universal Creative & Manifestational Forces. This powerful integration of energies allows the Universal God Force energies to flow easily and effortlessly to you and through you. Remember, you are part of all creation; you are never alone as you are a physical extension of the Universal God Force energies.

Meditation allows you to become a powerful source as you are interconnected through spiritual & invisible threads. When all these forces start to flow together in alignment & when you become one with it then you yourself become a creative force to be reckoned with. When you are in alignment it is easy to remember where you have lost something or how to find something.

These inherent creative forces reside in you and the secret is to learn how to flow these energies together though meditation for a successful outcome. Meditation will also ground and center you which will allow you to connect more easily with the lost object.

Meditation as a powerful integrative power

When you meditate, you allow a total integration of these various aspects of yourself to co-collaborate as an integrated & interlinked combined system together with the Universal Forces. The beauty of meditation is that it creates a state of equilibrium and harmony without any separation between the you, the object & the Universal Forces.

Without Meditation humanity often feel out of control, or out of alignment and therefore attract losses, trauma, heartache, and painful experiences. When you are in a lower state of vibration experiencing feelings of loss and anxiety then things cannot flow to you. Meditation allows you to raise your vibration and tap into a place of love and abundance which strengthens and raises your own spiritual vibration, which in turn allows things like lost objects to flow to you easily and effortlessly.

Asking through prayer or through the Law of Attraction is powerful; Meditation allows us to receive the answers when we are in a state of love,  inner peace & calmness. Meditation allows you to become a pure Channel of the Divine. The more you meditate the more powerful the Divine messages.

Meditation as a Channel of Divine Energy

We are so much more than what they eye can see. Our Physical bodies are surrounded by an Auric Field which can be described as a luminous body that surrounds our physical bodies. Our Auric Field is part of the Universal Energy field, and it is divided into several layers also called the subtle bodies.

Meditation allows not just the integration of the Body, Mind/Soul & Spirit but it also allows a deeper integration of the total constellation of the Auric Field that includes the Physical Body; the Etheric body; the Astral body; the Emotional body; the Mental body; the Spiritual & Casual body. These different bodies represent different planes, also referred to as different realms, different dimensions each operating as an entity on its own but always in conjunction and in collaboration with each other. When we integrate all these layers in our meditation then we become pure Channels of the Divine.

Divine Channels to Retrieve Lost Objects, Things, Pets and People

When we allow full integration of our Physical & Spiritual bodies then we become Divine Channels to extract and relay messages from another consciousness. Integrative Meditation is therefore a  powerful tool to connect with lost objects, things, people, and places. When you use meditation to connect with the Crystalline energy field and essence of a lost object  then you become a successful Channel through the transmitting and receiving of signals, messages, or visions which will lead you to lost objects, things, people, or pets.

Meditation As an Energy Bridge

There is a magnetic energy field that permeates the Universe, all living and non-living things so meditation allows us to build an energetic bridge between the spiritual and the physical realms. It is not just us as humans that carry a radiant energy field but so does all other living and non-living things. Meditation allows an equal exchange as well as an interaction of the different energies to take place. When we connect via meditation to a lost object then we are the sender and the object is the receiver, the object also can connect with us and when the object connects with u the object is the sender and we are the receivers. The stronger your connection to connect with a lost object via Meditation the stronger the guided visions, messages, or signs.

Setting Intention and Motion Through Meditation

When you set your intentions in the beginning of your Meditation, in this case to find a lost object,  then you start to put the Universal Forces into motion to create an exchange of energy between you and the lost object.

When you are in a meditative state, first set your intention to come from the heart, a place of love. Set your intention to fully integrate your Body, Mind/Soul & Spirit together with your Auric Field which will allow you to become a  Creative & Manifestation powerhouse. Ask your Spirit to align and center your body to fully anchor and ground your Physical body for easy manifestation.

Finally, now that your Spiritual and Physical bodies are firing on all cylinders, set your intention to lovingly connect with the Crystalline energy field of the lost object, the thing, the person, or the pet that you would like to find or retrieve. See and feel the exchange of these beautiful energies both creating a win-win outcome for everyone. Send more love into the process and ask the Angels, Devas, and Spirit Guides to support the transitional process. Thank everyone for their happy co-creation in all of this.

Allow Manifestation and Receptivity Through Meditation

The moment you come from  your heart setting your intentions then it creates a spiritual bridge between you and the energy field of the lost object. Setting your intentions also activates a part of your receptivity which will allow you to surrender to the Universal Forces at work without focusing on the outcome. Let go of “what, when, how and why” and trust in the Universe as your Source of Creative and Manifestation Power. Expect results to come to you in expected and in unexpected ways, so therefore open yourself up to divine guidance and divine timing. See yourself as a powerful creator that powerfully can connect with the lost object and see yourself lovingly asking the object to be returned to you.

Using Pictures and Pendulums as Part of Your Guided Meditation

When you have a picture or photo of the lost object then connect with the Crystalline Energy of the picture or photo before you start with your guided Meditation. When we establish a connection via a photo or a picture then the Energy Field of the object is so much more powerful, and it makes a re-connection with the object so much more powerful. You can also use a Quartz Pendulum together with the photo and ask “yes” and “no” questions as the Quartz Crystal will also elevate the connection between you, the picture, and the Deva & Crystalline Energy Field of the lost object.


We are all human and we all have our own story of losing or misplacing things. The more valuable the object, the higher the sentimental value, the more painful the experience and the stronger the sense of loss. It triggers a tug of war between the two power houses of money and emotions, both powerful in its own ways as both money (physical) and emotions (Psychological) are both currencies that can be beneficial but also detrimental to your well-being. Through the Guided Meditation you will learn to release any sense of loss and to look deeper into the hidden messages that are portrayed by the lost objects.

Spontaneous Visual Imagery

See, feel & visualize that a powerful trio (the Universal Forces, You, & the Object)  is at work to manifest the outcome you are looking for. I like to call it a powerful dance between the trio of these beautiful forces as this dance releases happy endorphins that creates a state of equilibrium which will speed up the manifestation process.

Normally these messages will come in through “spontaneous visual imagery” as an encounter with the “Light” or the “Glow of the Crystalline Energy fields” of lost objects, people, or pets. The integration and connection that takes place through meditation can also manifest in the form of clairvoyance (clear visions), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling), Clairalience (clear smelling), Clairgustance (clear tasting), Claircognizance (clear knowing) and through messages via billboards, music etc. Pay attention to these messages as it will guide you in finding your lost object.

Connecting with Elementals

In our Guided Meditation we will also connect with “Elementals,” or “Nature Spirits” also referred to as “Devas” or the “Shining ones” that is invisible to the eye, but there are Healers or Clairvoyants that can see them. According to Theosophy, Nature spirits of the Astral worlds have bodies of astral matter and can change the appearance of their bodies and teleport into other dimensions. They sometimes help humans, but they also can create mischief, hiding personal objects just to return such objects in another place.

Follow our guided meditation as a powerful tool to retrieve your lost objects.

Much love and light

Amber x4729

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Amber is an Intuitive/Empath, clairaudient, clairsentient and as a child she grew up with a psychic grandmother who passed on some of her spiritual gifts to Amber. Amber taps into the Crystalline and Collective Force Fields to access information using her intuitive gifts. When guided by her Angels she uses additional tools like Angel/Oracle cards, quarts pendulums, crystals & meditation.

Amber graduated with a degree in Psychology & Finance. She studied many different Spiritual and Holistic practices. Her experiences of 20 years led her on a journey collaborating with Financial corporate clients, giving self-development, psychological & spiritual retreats, and training.


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