Psychic Source Predictions for Lady Antebellum Ring True

Published Date 9/24/2014
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We’re finally able to shed some light on what a psychic can reveal in just 30 minutes and how much this can impact a person’s life.

Langhorne, PA - Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood contacted Psychic Source, the most trusted psychic service since 1989, this summer to learn some exciting predictions about their careers and Haywood’s son.

Kelley and Haywood admitted that this was their first psychic reading and that they had a lot on their minds to ask about.
Psychic Rheda wasn't shy with predictions: “There’s some kind of major thing coming up in September that’s going to shift energy in regard to your career. It may not look like it in the beginning but it really is a positive shift. Watch out for things that really throw you a curve ball around the month of September.”

Interestingly, Lady Antebellum’s newest album releases September 30th with tracks such as “Bartender” and “Freestyle” that have a very different sound than the band’s normal music.

And that’s not the only thing Psychic Rheda predicted. “Do you have a name picked out for your son?” she asked Haywood, who never even told Rheda that his wife was pregnant until she pointed it out.

“We don’t yet. We’re having trouble trying to figure out what to name him,” Dave responded, to which Rheda advised, “You’re supposed to use a family name for him, like a maiden name, an unusual name.”

Amazingly, Haywood and his wife birthed a baby boy Sunday, September 7th named Cash Van Haywood, after the mother’s maiden name, Cashiola, and Haywood’s father Van. Coincidence? Doubtful.

Kelley, anxious to chase his dream of playing in the senior PGA tour, asked Psychic Rheda if she saw him reaching that level. She assured the musician that golf is in his energy field and not to give up music but to pursue both.
Psychic Source has compiled a collection of highlights from Lady Antebellum’s reading, along with multiple other celebrity readings, in the video Psychic Source Celebrity Readings: Episode 1. While the video only features a handful of Advisors, many others on Psychic Source have read for celebrities who have requested to remain confidential.

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