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Psychic Nisa Appears on PHL17's Weekend Philler

Date 4/5/2024

Psychic Nisa shares her thoughts on the Weekend Philler

Psychic Nisa shares her thoughts on the Weekend Philler

4/5/2024 Philadelphia, PA –  In a special segment on Philadelphia’s PHL17’s Weekend Philler, Psychic Source’s esteemed advisor, Psychic Nisa, shed light on the company's diverse psychic offerings and its commitment to providing clarity and insight for over three decades. Celebrating its 35th anniversary, Psychic Source stands out as a pioneer in delivering authentic psychic readings through phone, chat, and video. Nisa, known for her gift in the prophetic and dream interpretation, emphasized the importance of recognizing signs from the universe.

Psychic Source boasts a team of over 250 rigorously screened advisors, ensuring unparalleled service quality. This anniversary is marked by a special introductory offer for new members, as highlighted by Psychic Nisa: a $10-for-10-minute reading. The company prides itself on its flexibility, offering services from the comfort of one's home, and a free app that connects customers with advisors seamlessly. Psychic Nisa's appearance on Weekend Philler not only celebrates the company’s longevity but also its dedication to empowering individuals to recognize and embrace their own gifts.

"Psychic Source is actually a leading provider of live psychic readings," said Nisa during her segment. "We have a team of over 250 psychic advisors that are all thoroughly screened for authenticity. We provide readings over the phone, chat, and even video."

Nisa also delved into her personal experience working with Psychic Source, highlighting the comfort and trust inherent in their service. "The true test of someone who has a gift is if you can get on that phone or on a chat and pick up immediately. That's how you know you're in the right place."

In addition to its core offerings, Psychic Source provides free tarot readings, podcasts, and resources for discovering life path and numerology numbers through its website and app. With a longstanding commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Psychic Source continues to be a trusted name in psychic readings.

"Remember, there's no such thing as a coincidence," Nisa remarked, inviting viewers to explore the realms of the unseen and the unexplained with the guidance of Psychic Source’s advisors.

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